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February 8, 2024

As Nightstick marks its 40th Anniversary, Marketing Manager – Fire & Rescue, Jonathan Gordon explores some of Nightstick’s market-shaping products in the fire industry

Nightstick, a division of Bayco Products, Inc.(BPI), marks its 40th anniversary as a frontrunner in professional lighting solutions.

What began as humble beginnings in a modest garage in 1984 has flourished into a 110,000-square-foot headquarters in Wylie, Texas.

As a global manufacturer, our products are now utilized in over 70 countries worldwide.

Over the decades, these pioneering advances have yielded a robust range of Dual-Light and Intrinsically Safe specialized LED lights, geared to enhance today’s firefighter and first responder, while performing optimally in the most hazardous environments.

INTRANT® Angle Light, ATEX & Intrinsically Safe

In the heat of a call, the right gear can become your best ally. The INTRANT® Angle light throws you right at the pinnacle: 40k candela shredding through smoke with an ultra-focused spotlight beam, ideal for long range visibility and task lighting.

A second LED, the wide unfocused floodlight, is strategically set at a 45-degree angle.

While navigating through dense smoke, the combined power of the simultaneous Dual-Light’s sharp beam and downward-facing floodlight light up peripheral surroundings, like a hidden staircase in the shadows, preventing a potential fall.

Easily adaptable to harsh scenarios with a 90° pivoting head, the spotlight and floodlight can also be used separately.

For instance, collaborating close-by with others might call for only the floodlight to be switched on, maintaining orientation without blinding the crew.

INTRANT® is available as an AA-powered version and Li-ion rechargeable, running for 11 and 7 hours respectively on High.

FORGE™ Helmet-Mounted Multi-Function Flashlight, Intrinsically Safe

Enter the FORGE™ helmet light, designed for piercing hands-free lighting, rated Intrinsically Safe.

The helmet-mounted FORGE™ stands as a beacon of strength, with an intense 360-lumen beam that illuminates up to 218 meters, ensuring details like obscured exit routes or risky structural weaknesses are clearly visible.

What sets the FORGE™ apart is its remarkable flexibility.

FORGE™ offers a 180° pivot capability, letting firefighters and first responders quickly adjust the light forward, backward, above, or below the helmet’s brim.

It’s not ideal to always throw light in the direction one’s head is facing, and a firefighter crawling through a collapsed structure can angle the beam downward, ensuring safe passage over debris or through tight spaces.

This adaptability not only enhances safety but also makes sure lighting can be optimized for a variety of challenging environments, making FORGE™ an indispensable tool in the firefighter’s arsenal.

FORTEM® Helmet-Mounted Dual-Light Flashlight, Intrinsically Safe

The FORTEM® pushes to the forefront of Nightstick innovation. With its 250 lumen beam, the spotlight is ideal for tasks like overhauling, and illuminating hidden embers beneath confined spaces, ensuring no hotspot goes unnoticed.

In roof operations, FORTEM® hits its stride with the activation of the downward-facing floodlight, working in tandem with the spotlight in Dual-Light.

This additional unfocused light provides confidence and security, casting a wide glow that fills in the shadows from the spotlight, making it easier to spot potential hazards or structural compromises.

Like FORGE™, Nightstick’s FORTEM® can be mounted to swivel the light at any angle above and below the brim and features a rear-facing green LED for enhanced team visibility.

This versatility proves invaluable, for instance, during a complex residential fire where firefighters are navigating through tight attic spaces.

FORTEM’s® spotlight pinpoints specific areas of concern, like smoldering sections of the roof, while the floodlight illuminates the path ahead, lending safe movement among beams and wiring.

The Dual-Light approach not only increases safety but also significantly improves the efficiency of operations, allowing firefighters to address the situation quickly and effectively.

INTEGRITAS™ 82 Rechargeable Lantern, Intrinsically Safe

The INTEGRITAS™ 82 was bred to lead the attack. Nightstick’s most powerful handheld throwing 1750 lumens, INTEGRITAS™ 82 cuts through dense smoke for visibility up to a third of a mile away — a beast for quickly identifying hazards from a distance.

Powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery, it carries a high runtime of 5 hours, its low mode pushes the battery to 11.5 hours, making it dependable for longer calls.

Functioning as both a handheld and a scene light, INTEGRITAS™ 82 is built for the realities of firefighting.

Its design ensures stability on any flat surface, turning it into an instant command post light.

Lightweight at 2 lbs. 11 oz., it’s manoeuvrable in tight spots, a necessity when navigating through rubble.

Consider a scenario where firefighters confront a burning building with low-hanging ceilings and obstructed passageways.

In such a setting, INTEGRITAS™ 82’s ability to switch from a powerful spot beam to a filling scene light becomes crucial.

Its intense lumens can reveal the structural integrity of the ceiling, allowing firefighters to assess potential collapse risks.

Additionally, the scene light illuminates the entire space, enabling crews to coordinate efficiently and safely within these confined quarters.

This versatility not only supercharges safety during intense firefighting operations but also provides a reliable source of light in various emergency scenarios.

Forward Frontier

As we reflect on 40 years of lighting solutions at Nightstick under BPI, we are poised to embark on the next chapter.

This journey, propelled by our unwavering commitment to meet the ever-changing needs of our brave heroes, embodies our core belief that Life Depends On Light™.

Embracing the opportunity to innovate further, we remain undaunted by the unknown and ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

Nightstick’s dedication is reinforced today as we consistently launch products that blend cutting-edge technology with modern techniques and firefighter strategies.

The future is bright around the corner; be on the lookout

This article was originally published in the February 2024 issue of Fire & Safety Journal Americas. To read your FREE digital copy, click here.

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