Early warning bulletin for emergency and contingency plan activation in Colombia

May 30, 2024

First rainy season influenced by El Niño in Colombia

The Dirección Nacional de Bomberos Colombia has issued an early warning bulletin urging the activation of emergency and contingency plans due to the first rainy season with the influence of El Niño.

The bulletin, directed at delegates, coordinators, and volunteer, official, and aeronautical firefighter corps across Colombia, highlights the importance of preparedness for potential natural events.

Captain Lourdes del Socorro Peña del Valle, Director General of the Firefighters, emphasized the necessity for coordination with technical entities and disaster management councils to monitor and mitigate risks.

The bulletin outlines high risks for landslides in unstable areas, significant changes in river levels, forest fire threats, and meteomarine alerts.

High alert for landslides and river level changes

The bulletin indicates that several regions, including Antioquia, Bolívar, Boyacá, and others, are experiencing a high probability of sudden river surges and landslides.

Notably, Tumaco (Nariño) recorded the highest rainfall with 154.0 millimeters in 24 hours.

Red alerts are issued for areas like Arauca and Medio Magdalena due to the increased likelihood of severe weather events.

Additionally, orange alerts have been issued for moderate risks in various departments such as Cauca and Casanare, which may experience sudden river surges and landslides.

Fire risks in Cundinamarca, Huila, Nariño, and Tolima also demand attention.

Meteorological conditions and precipitation forecast

The bulletin notes predominantly dry conditions across most of the country, with notable exceptions in the Caribbean, Andean, Pacific, Orinoquia, and Amazon regions.

These areas are experiencing varying levels of cloud cover, precipitation, and electrical activity.

The forecast for the next 24 hours predicts continued rainfall and thunderstorms in specific regions, including the Caribbean, Andean, and Pacific areas.

Residents and coastal inhabitants in these regions are advised to remain vigilant and follow local authority instructions.

Small vessels are recommended to consult with port captains before departure due to the likelihood of strong winds and storms at sea.

Communication and support for emergencies

The Dirección Nacional de Bomberos Colombia advises the immediate activation of emergency plans and offers various channels for reporting emergencies and receiving support.

These include dedicated emails and phone numbers for the Central Information and Telecommunications office and the Situational Room, ensuring a coordinated response to any incidents that may exceed local capacities.

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