Detroit honors EMS heroes and offers free community training

May 20, 2024

EMS Week celebration begins in Detroit

As reported by the Detroit Fire Department, the City of Detroit will kick off National EMS Week by honoring its first responders and hosting a community training event.

National EMS Week, running from May 19 through 25, celebrates the theme “Honoring our Past, Forging our Future.”

The event will take place at the Detroit Public Safety Headquarters on May 20 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Deputy Mayor Todd Bettison and Executive Fire Commissioner Chuck Simms will lead the ceremony, recognizing the dedication and lifesaving efforts of Detroit’s emergency responders.

Retired medics are also invited to celebrate the history and legacy of EMS in Detroit.

Free hands-only CPR and emergency bleeding control training will be available for residents.

History of Detroit EMS

The Detroit Fire Department began providing ambulance services in 1972.

Their mission has always been to deliver compassionate and professional emergency medical care to the citizens and visitors of Detroit.

Today, the Detroit Fire Department has over 1,000 members licensed to provide care at the Medical First Responder (MFR), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and Paramedic levels.

The department staffs more than sixty medically licensed Fire and EMS vehicles and responds to over 150,000 calls for service each year.

Community training and participation

The EMS Week kickoff will include free training sessions for the public.

Residents will have the opportunity to learn hands-only CPR and emergency bleeding control techniques.

These sessions aim to empower the community with essential lifesaving skills.

Training will be conducted on the front lawn and in the Skylar Herbert Room of the Detroit Public Safety Headquarters.

This initiative underscores the department’s commitment to not only responding to emergencies but also preparing the community to act in critical situations.

Honoring Detroit’s EMS legacy

Deputy Mayor Todd Bettison stated: “We are here to honor the brave men and women of the Detroit Fire Department for their outstanding service and dedication.”

Executive Fire Commissioner Chuck Simms added: “Their passion for their work and the care they provide to our citizens are truly commendable.”

The event will highlight the achievements of both current and retired medics, celebrating their contributions to the city’s safety and wellbeing.

FSJA comment

The kickoff of National EMS Week in Detroit highlights the city’s commitment to recognizing the invaluable contributions of its first responders.

By honoring both current and retired medics, the event acknowledges the enduring legacy of the Detroit Fire Department’s emergency services.

The free community training sessions in CPR and emergency bleeding control are particularly noteworthy, as they aim to equip residents with critical skills that can save lives.

This proactive approach to community engagement not only enhances public safety but also fosters a sense of collective responsibility.

The history of the Detroit Fire Department’s EMS services, dating back to 1972, illustrates a longstanding dedication to professional and compassionate care.

With over 1,000 licensed members and an impressive response record, the department continues to be a cornerstone of the city’s emergency response infrastructure.

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