DeepWell DTx unveils Zengence video game for stress relief to NYC first responders

June 11, 2024

NYC first responders test new mental health video game

DeepWell Digital Therapeutics (DTx) has introduced its first video game designed for mental health, which is being trialed by New York City emergency first responders this week.

As reported by DeepWell, these first responders, who face daily stressful conditions, are evaluating and providing feedback on the new game, Zengence.

The game utilizes patent-pending embedded biofeedback mechanics to track players’ breath and sound, helping them progress through game challenges, stimulate the Vagal nerve, and reduce stress.

Zengence is now widely available for less than $20, making it accessible to millions seeking effective stress relief methods.

The game has also been accepted by Meta for its game store and is played on the Meta Quest virtual reality headset.

DeepWell DTx’s innovation in video game therapeutics

DeepWell DTx, launched in 2022, is known for creating video game wellness therapeutics that both entertain and provide mental health solutions.

The company holds four patents, with over 20 pending, related to immersive medicine and media.

According to DeepWell, their approach enhances and accelerates solutions for various mental health concerns.

NeuFluent, the venture studio behind DeepWell, focuses on developing neuroscience innovations.

Their technology promotes new behaviors, self-discovery, and learning, and can be integrated into medical devices, surgical procedures, and as a companion therapy to boost the efficacy of physical and pharmaceutical mental health treatments.

EMT feedback on Zengence

The trial event in New York City will gather feedback from emergency medical technicians (EMTs) who are testing Zengence.

The feedback from EMTs will provide valuable insights into the game’s effectiveness in real-world high-stress environments.

These responses could shape future developments and adaptations of the game to better serve those in demanding professions.

DeepWell’s future plans

DeepWell plans to continue advancing its offerings in digital therapeutics, with a focus on mental health.

The company aims to expand its reach and impact through ongoing innovation and by leveraging feedback from users like the NYC first responders.

The success of Zengence in reducing stress among first responders could pave the way for broader adoption of digital therapeutics in mental health care.

DeepWell is committed to exploring new avenues for integrating their technology into various medical and therapeutic applications.

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