Darley secures partnership with Daytona International Speedway for firefighting equipment

April 30, 2024

Overview of the new agreement

Darley has entered into a four-year agreement with Daytona International Speedway, marking a significant development in their provision of firefighting solutions.

As part of this agreement, Darley will supply specialized firefighting pumps and equipment tailored for rapid response incidents at the speedway.

This partnership highlights the specialized needs of the racing venue, renowned for its high-speed races where safety is paramount.

Troy Willrick, the director of event and emergency services at the speedway, emphasized the importance of reliable firefighting equipment due to the high risks involved in racing: “When you have vehicles approaching 200 mph, there will be incidents where rapid fire extinguishment may be necessary, and we trust Darley’s pumps to provide that protection.”

Details of the equipment provided

In response to the needs of Daytona International Speedway, Darley has provided a new customized skid unit designed specifically for quick deployment during emergencies at the racing events.

This unit includes a Fast Attack 2 system, featuring a Pro Poly tank, a Whelen light package, and a Hannay reel.

Steve Chamberlin, an engineer at Darley, shared the enthusiasm of the team working on this project: “Our employees always take pride in their work, and many of them are racing enthusiasts, so this job had a lot of special meaning to them.”

Visibility and engagement at Daytona International Speedway

As part of their partnership, Darley’s branding will be prominently displayed at the Daytona International Speedway.

The Darley logo will be visible on the newly provided skid unit and on the helmets of all track employees.

Furthermore, Darley will also feature in announcements made via the public address system during all DIS NASCAR events, ensuring continuous visibility among spectators and participants throughout the duration of the agreement.

This strategic placement of branding underscores the partnership’s depth and the mutual benefits anticipated from this collaboration.

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