Darley secures deal for 30 firefighting units in Latin America

May 10, 2024

Darley wins contract for firefighting equipment in Latin America

The U.S.-based Darley company has successfully secured a contract to provide 30 Fast Attack skid units to various fire departments across Latin America.

The announcement was made on 9 May 2024, as reported by Darley.

Technical details of the Fast Attack skid units

The Fast Attack skid units are equipped with the latest in firefighting technology, featuring Darley 1.5 AGE18V gear-driven pumps and Odin Foam Flurry ATP systems.

These units are designed to enhance the firefighting capabilities of local fire departments effectively.

According to a customer spokesperson: “We have found Darley’s customer service and responsiveness to be second to none.”

Design and compatibility

The design of the Fast Attack skid units allows for easy integration into standard 8-foot pickup truck beds, making them versatile for all 1-inch & 1.5-inch discharge needs.

This adaptability ensures that fire departments can upgrade their equipment without the need for additional modifications to their existing vehicle fleets.

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