Darley donates safe water to Bowie, Texas during boil water notice

June 11, 2024

Boil water notice issued in Bowie, Texas

In Bowie, Texas, residents recently faced a challenging situation when a boil water notice was issued.

This alert, often triggered by a drop in water pressure, warns the community that their water may not be safe to drink without boiling it first.

Such alerts can cause disruption, requiring people to boil water for drinking, cooking, and making ice to eliminate harmful bacteria.

During this difficult time, Darley donated a trailer load of the Darley Safe Water box, approximately 5,000 gallons of safe water, to the affected residents.

This provided much-needed relief and support until the local water was deemed safe again.

Darley provides crucial support

Darley’s donation of safe water came as a vital relief to the community of Bowie.

The 5,000 gallons of safe water supplied by Darley ensured that residents had access to clean water for essential needs.

This support was crucial for the community during the boil water notice period.

Douglas Page, CPM Fire Chief of Bowie, Texas, expressed his gratitude: “In a time of crisis, when our city was in dire straits, Darley came through with water for our citizens until our own water was safe to drink. Thanks a million.”

Importance of emergency water supply

The incident in Bowie highlights the importance of having emergency water supplies readily available.

Boil water notices can significantly impact daily life, and the availability of safe drinking water is essential.

Darley’s timely donation underscores the role that private companies can play in supporting communities during emergencies.

Emergency response and preparedness are critical in mitigating the effects of such situations.

Ensuring that communities have access to essential resources like clean water can make a significant difference during times of crisis.

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