Darley board reviews Chippewa Falls operations and celebrates retirement

June 26, 2024

Review of board visit and operations

Last September, Darley’s Board of Directors and Fire Advisory Board visited the company’s pump and tactical divisions in Chippewa Falls, WI.

As reported by Darley, the visit aimed to review the company’s operations, including safety measures, innovation, and the quality and efficiency of production processes.

The board members expressed their admiration for the state-of-the-art operations and the dedication of the employees.

The board members, who are highly experienced and respected in their fields, provide strategic direction and valuable insights to Darley.

Their visit highlighted the company’s commitment to exceeding customer expectations through efficient and innovative practices.

Celebration of John Monpas’ retirement

During the visit, the team also celebrated the retirement of John Monpas, who dedicated 47.5 years of service to Darley.

John Monpas was recognized as a world-class machinist who produced precision pump components crucial for saving lives and property.

His contributions were acknowledged with heartfelt gratitude from his colleagues.

“We wish John the very best and our sincere gratitude for all he has done and accomplished in his time with Team Darley and throughout his life,” stated a company representative.

The celebration underscored the company’s appreciation for long-term dedication and expertise among its workforce.

Insights and future directions

The board members’ visit provided an opportunity to gather insights on improving operations and strategic planning.

The diverse group of board members brings a wide range of expertise, which helps Darley navigate the challenges and opportunities in the industry.

Their feedback and guidance are instrumental in shaping the company’s future directions.

The visit reinforced the company’s commitment to maintaining high standards in production and innovation.

Commitment to excellence and safety

Darley’s focus on safety measures and quality assurance was a key highlight during the board’s visit.

The company’s efforts to implement state-of-the-art safety protocols and ensure efficient production processes were commended.

The visit emphasized Darley’s ongoing commitment to providing high-quality products while prioritizing the safety of its employees and customers.

This dedication to excellence and safety is a cornerstone of the company’s operations.

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