Darley announces participation in over 100 trade shows, highlights from recent defense and fire safety events

May 1, 2024

Darley’s extensive trade show participation in 2024

Paul Darley, President and CEO of Darley, highlighted the company’s active participation in more than 100 trade shows scheduled for this year, emphasizing their engagement across various sectors of the defense industry.

In a recent episode of ‘Inside Darley,’ Darley detailed the company’s plans and recent engagements, including six major defense trade shows in a span of 45 days.

“For our Navy customers, we were just at the Sea Air Space show in Washington DC. We also have in DC Modern Day Marine for our Marine Corp customers,” Darley said.

Furthermore, the company’s presence was noted at SOF Week in Tampa for Special Operations, MDEX in Warren, MI for the Army, and LANPAC in Hawaii for international clients.

These events underscore Darley’s comprehensive approach to serving diverse sectors within the defense industry.

Record attendance and innovations at the Fire Department Instructors Conference

The Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC), Darley’s largest annual event for fire safety professionals, saw a record turnout this year.

Eric Schlett, the show manager, reported a total of 36,537 attendees from 67 countries, marking a significant increase in participation with 41% of those attendees not present in the previous year.

Darley’s booth featured a range of new products including electric rescue tools, electric-powered pumps, and solutions for electric vehicle fires, among other advanced technologies.

“Our booth was jam-packed the entire show with all sorts of new electric rescue tools, electric powered pumps, all sorts of solutions for addressing EV fires, new communication vehicles, you name it, some cool stuff there,” Darley said.

Darley’s focus on future trends and disaster mitigation

Continuing the forward-looking approach articulated by hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, Darley maintains a proactive stance in anticipating future challenges in disaster mitigation.

Notably, the company is monitoring the H5N1 Avian bird flu, which has recently shown instances of cross-species transmission to humans.

Darley reassures that they are keeping a close eye on this development and will provide updates as necessary.

In addition to health concerns, Darley is also actively engaged in legislative issues and partnerships to bolster disaster response capabilities.

“We’ve received a new DLA contract for our fire and equipment services 10-year contract,” Darley shared. “We’ve also received a Sourcewell contract to serve a lot of our fire and municipal customers, and we just received a large FEMA contract in the last couple of weeks in order to help respond in those disaster mitigation areas.

“This has all helped us to be one of the top 50 suppliers to the Department of Defense and the US government over the last year.

Upcoming events and initiatives

Looking ahead, Darley noted several upcoming initiatives, including the 18th annual Illinois Fire Service Home Day and a sponsorship of the third annual essay contest in conjunction with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

These events are part of Darley’s continued commitment to supporting the fire service community and fostering professional development.

FSJA Comment

Darley’s extensive involvement in trade shows and conferences across various sectors highlights their strategic approach to market engagement and customer interaction.

Their focus on technological innovations and readiness to address emerging threats like the H5N1 Avian bird flu demonstrate a commitment to both current needs and future challenges.

These activities not only enhance Darley’s visibility in the defense and fire safety industries but also solidify their reputation as a responsive and proactive organization.

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