Dana Incorporated wins 2024 PACE Award for innovative electro-mechanical transmission system

June 7, 2024

Award recognition for Dana Incorporated’s EMIVT system

Dana Incorporated has received the prestigious 2024 Automotive News PACE Award.

The award was given for Dana’s electro-mechanical, infinitely variable transmission (EMIVT) system, which powers the Pierce Volterra Electric Fire Truck and the Oshkosh Airport Products Striker Volterra Electric Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) vehicle.

As reported by Pierce Manufacturing, the EMIVT system was showcased at FDIC 2024 and recognized at Automotive News’ annual awards ceremony in late April 2024.

This system integrates high-voltage motors, a power-split transmission, and a low-voltage motor and inverter, allowing operation in engine-only, hybrid, and battery-only modes.

The innovation aims to reduce CO2 emissions, enhance vehicle performance, and lower operational costs.

Technological advancements of the EMIVT system

The EMIVT system represents a major step forward in driveline technology.

It supports various powertrain configurations and zero-emissions goals, as stated by Christophe Dominiak, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Dana Incorporated: “The Dana-designed solution showcases our ability to meet diverse customer needs across various powertrain configurations.

“It supports zero-emissions goals, reduces fuel consumption, and lowers production costs.”

This system is not only used in commercial vehicles but also exclusively for Pierce and Oshkosh Airport Products in fire trucks and ARFF vehicles.

The versatility and effectiveness of the EMIVT system in critical applications highlight its innovative design and functionality.

Dana Incorporated’s legacy of innovation

The 2024 PACE Awards celebrate automotive suppliers for their innovation, technological advancement, and business performance.

This accolade marks Dana Incorporated’s ninth PACE Award, reinforcing its reputation for leading industry innovation.

Dana’s consistent recognition by Automotive News underscores its commitment to advancing automotive technology and providing solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry.

The EMIVT system is a testament to Dana’s ongoing efforts to drive progress in the automotive sector.

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