Crash Responder Safety Week highlights the risks to traffic incident responders

November 10, 2023

Crash responder safety week: a spotlight on roadside heroes

Traffic incident responders are the unseen heroes of road safety, working tirelessly to keep our streets clear and safe.

Crash Responder Safety Week, scheduled for November 13-17, aims to draw attention to their crucial role and the dangers they face.

Every year, nearly 7 million motor vehicle crashes occur, along with various other roadway incidents, calling these responders to action.

Despite the risks, they persist in their duties to ensure safe passage for all.

Training and laws to protect those who protect us

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) encourages participation in National Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Responder training.

This program is designed to educate traffic incident responders on best practices for safety and efficiency when managing traffic incidents.

Additionally, the week serves as a reminder to drivers about state Slow Down, Move Over laws, which are crucial for the safety of these workers on the roads.

Sharing stories to raise awareness

The NVFC suggests using social media as a platform to increase awareness by sharing experiences and showing appreciation for traffic incident responders using the hashtag #CRSW.

By doing so, the community can engage in a collective effort to safeguard those who face hazards to aid others in need.

FSJA Comment

The observance of Crash Responder Safety Week is a call to recognize the essential work of traffic incident responders.

With responders being struck and severely injured almost weekly, there’s an urgent need to address their safety.

The emphasis on training, legal awareness, and community involvement not only raises awareness but also encourages the adoption of safer practices.

By highlighting the personal stories of responders and the community members they aid, Crash Responder Safety Week fosters a greater understanding of the vital role these individuals play in our everyday lives.

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