CPSC issues warning against fire extinguishing balls due to safety risks

April 12, 2024

CPSC alerts on Elide fire extinguishing balls

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a warning to consumers regarding the Elide brand fire extinguishing balls.

These products have been found to be ineffective in extinguishing fires, presenting risks of serious injuries or even death.

The CPSC’s evaluation revealed that these fire extinguishing balls do not meet the UL 299 and UL 711 standards for fire suppression effectiveness.

Product deficiencies and safety hazards

The CPSC detailed that the Elide fire extinguishing balls fail to disperse fire retardant chemicals adequately, which compromises their fire-quenching capabilities.

These products lack essential safety features such as a pressure gauge, pressure indicator, and a nozzle to direct the discharge.

Such deficiencies significantly increase the danger of using these products during a fire emergency, making it challenging to manage the fire and posing a high risk of burns and smoke inhalation.

Sales and product details

Elide Fire USA offers three models of these fire extinguishing balls through their website, ranging in price from $95 to $120.

Available in red and blue plastic casings, these products are designed to be mounted on walls at strategic points in homes and offices.

Despite their availability, the CPSC advises against the purchase and use of these products.

Response from Elide Fire

In response to the CPSC’s warnings, Nattapornsit Kaimart, the managing director of Elide Fire in Thailand, expressed concerns over the CPSC’s interpretation of their product’s purpose and functionality.

Kaimart stated: “Our product represents a distinct category of fire extinguishing devices and should not be directly compared with traditional fire extinguishers.

“This differentiation is fundamental to understanding the unique capabilities and intended use of our product, which may not align with the evaluation criteria typically applied to conventional fire extinguishers.”

Kaimart emphasized that the Elide Fire Extinguishing Balls are designed for automatic activation in key risk areas, such as kitchens and near electrical control panels, to suppress fires without human intervention.

He also raised the possibility that the products tested by the CPSC might have been counterfeits.

CPSC stands firm on its findings

Despite Elide Fire’s clarification, the CPSC stood by its findings regarding the risks associated with the use of these fire extinguishing balls.

The agency reiterated its advice for consumers to discontinue the use of these products and to dispose of them at local fire departments or hazardous waste disposal facilities.

They also reminded consumers to only purchase fire extinguishers that comply with the UL 299 and UL 711 safety standards.

FSJA Comment

The CPSC’s recent advisory against Elide’s fire extinguishing balls underscores the critical importance of adhering to established safety standards in fire safety products.

This situation highlights the potential risks associated with innovative fire safety devices that have not been sufficiently tested against recognized standards.

It serves as a reminder for both consumers and manufacturers about the importance of compliance and the need for vigilance in product testing to ensure safety and effectiveness.

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