Coulson Aviation partners with Palm Springs Air Museum for air tanker training

May 8, 2024

Coulson Aviation launches air tanker training at Palm Springs

Coulson Aviation USA has initiated a partnership with the Palm Springs Air Museum and the Palm Springs Airport to facilitate their air tanker training program ahead of the 2024 United States fire season, as reported by the Palm Springs Air Museum.

Details on the training schedule and aircraft

Wayne Coulson, CEO of Coulson Aviation, announced: “We will have our C-130 Hercules and Boeing 737 air tanker fleet training from May 9th to May 14th, flying up to 50 training flights.

“We are extremely pleased to have the support of the Palm Springs Air Museum and the Palm Springs Airport.”

The training will utilize both of Coulson’s main air tanker types, emphasizing the scale and intensity of the training operations.

Local support and public engagement

Fred Bell, Vice Chairman of the Palm Springs Air Museum, highlighted the collaborative effort: “The Air Museum will be supporting Coulson with the Museum’s infrastructure and will have one of Coulson’s C-130 Hercules on display from May 9th to May 14th.”

Coulson’s operational capabilities and future plans

Coulson Aviation, known for its comprehensive aerial firefighting capabilities using fixed-wing aircraft and Type 1 helicopters, is equipped to manage wildfire suppression efforts globally.

During the U.S. fire season, the Coulson fleet, which includes 4000 USG Large Air tankers, will operate across the lower 48 states under contract with the United States Forest Service.

Post the U.S. fire season, the majority of the fleet will relocate to Australia to tackle the fire season there, with the remaining air tankers moving to South America for operations in Chile and Argentina.

FSJA Comment

The partnership between Coulson Aviation and the Palm Springs Air Museum represents a strategic collaboration that enhances the readiness and effectiveness of aerial firefighting teams.

This training program is crucial for preparing the flight and maintenance crews for the demanding conditions of the fire season.

The public display of the C-130 Hercules at the Air Museum also serves as a significant educational opportunity, raising awareness about the roles and challenges of aerial firefighting.

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