Corpo de Bombeiros RJ expands Botinho Project vacancies and streamlines registration process

January 4, 2024

The Botinho Project, a cornerstone of Rio de Janeiro’s summer traditions for over 60 years, is set to offer expanded opportunities and accessibility for its 2024 edition.

Enhanced accessibility and increased participation

In partnership with Sesc RJ, the project, renowned as Latin America’s largest free holiday camp, will now accommodate 5,000 children aged 7 to 17, an increase of 1,000 participants compared to previous years.

The registration process, starting January 4, will be entirely online, ensuring greater convenience and inclusivity​​.

A commitment to broader inclusion and impact

Coronel Leandro Monteiro, the State Secretary of Civil Defense and General Commander of CBMERJ, highlighted the project’s national and international reputation for promoting social interaction, environmental education, and drowning prevention.

He emphasized the project’s role in shaping young, environmentally conscious citizens, contributing to cleaner and safer beaches.

Assistance will be provided at fire stations for those without internet access, ensuring the program’s accessibility to all interested parties​​.

Diverse activities and structured learning

Botinho caters to children across Rio de Janeiro, offering activities at approximately 30 beaches from 8 am to 11 am.

The program includes physical exercises, sea condition training, first aid, and environmental conservation lessons.

Participants are divided into three age-based groups: Golfinho (7-10 years), Moby Dick (11-14 years), and Tubarão (15-17 years).

The two-week course culminates in a certification and a showcase of the skills and knowledge acquired​​.

Streamlined online registration process

Registration is free and conducted online.

Parents or guardians are required to select the appropriate age group and beach location, fill out a registration form, and upload necessary documents including the child’s birth certificate or ID, and the guardian’s ID.

A confirmation email will be sent with further instructions for submitting additional documents, such as a medical certificate, essential for securing participation in the project​​.

FSJA Comment

The project’s expansion and the new online registration process represent a step forward in making such vital educational programs more accessible and efficient.

By focusing on a range of essential skills, from environmental awareness to first aid, the project not only enriches the summer experience for thousands of children but also plays a crucial role in fostering a safer, more informed community.

This development reflects the Fire Department’s ongoing commitment to public safety and youth education, demonstrating how traditional programs can evolve to meet contemporary needs and reach a broader audience.

The success and expansion of the Botinho Project could serve as a model for similar initiatives elsewhere, highlighting the importance of adaptability and inclusiveness in public service programs.

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