Corpo de Bombeiros holds JBV Program graduation in Groaíras

December 14, 2023
Military Firefighters in Brazil

The Ceará State Military Fire Department, through the Training and Human Development Center (CTDH), conducted a significant event in Groaíras, Ceará.

On December 8, 2023, the department celebrated the graduation ceremony marking the end of the 2023 academic year for the Young Brigadier of Value (JBV) Project.

Graduation Ceremony of the JBV Program

This momentous occasion saw the participation of several key figures from the 1st Company of the 3rd Battalion based in Sobral, including Lieutenant Lacerda, Cabo Maurício, and soldiers L. Júnior, Eduardo, and Ismael.

The graduation was not just a formal event but also a family affair, as graduates were joined by their families and mentors.

The ceremony underscored the successful completion of the program by the young participants.

Lieutenant-Colonel Francisco Roberto Maciel de Moraes, the commander of Sobral’s firefighters (1st CIA|3rd BBM), expressed a sense of fulfillment.

He highlighted that the young graduates would carry the lessons learned throughout their lives, fostering a new worldview in aspects of citizenship, morality, civility, and other values.

Historical Background of the JBV

The JBV, initially launched in 2002 under the leadership of Colonel Duarte Frota, was originally known as the Young Volunteer Firefighter.

With the establishment of the CTDH, the project was renamed to its current form.

The JBV has played a crucial role in training young volunteers across various locations in Brazil.

As of now, the program is active in numerous cities, including Alcântaras, Camocim, Canindé, and more, effectively promoting volunteerism and community support among the youth.

Impact of the JBV Program

The JBV is a far-reaching initiative that has significantly impacted the lives of many young individuals.

It encourages volunteering and mutual aid in community activities.

The program, coordinated by the CTDH since 2003, underlines the Fire Department’s commitment to fostering social responsibility and community involvement among the youth.

FSJA Comment

The JBV program’s graduation in Groaíras represents more than just an educational milestone; it signifies a commitment to community service and personal development.

The program, under the Ceará State Military Fire Department, has successfully instilled values of civic responsibility and volunteerism in the youth.

This initiative is commendable for its approach to shape both skilled individuals and socially responsible citizens.

The widespread presence of the JBV across various Brazilian cities demonstrates its effectiveness and popularity.

Such programs are essential in building a strong foundation for community-oriented values among the younger generations, which is crucial for the sustainable development of any society.

Note: This article was translated from Portuguese; slight discrepancies may exist due to automated translation software.​​

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