Confraria do Fogo marks its 13th year with a celebratory event

February 20, 2024

Confraria do Fogo celebrates its 13th anniversary at the Military Fire Brigade

This Monday (February 19th) marked the 13th anniversary of Confraria do Fogo, celebrating with a ceremony at the 1st Military Fire Brigade in Belo Horizonte.

The event saw the attendance of notable military authorities including the general commander of the Minas Gerais Military Fire Brigade, Colonel Erlon Dias do Nascimento Botelho, and the general deputy commander and chief of staff, Colonel Daniela Lopes Rocha da Costa.

Organized by the president of the Association of the Confraria do Fogo, veteran major Márcia Antônia da Silva, the celebration included an ecumenical service in the 1st Battalion chapel followed by a moment of celebration in the Veterans Hall.

This was a time for soldiers to reminisce about pivotal moments in the history of the institution.

The Brotherhood’s mission and members

Founded on February 12, 2011, the Confraria do Fogo Association aims to foster camaraderie and the exchange of experiences among firefighters and military police officers who have completed their active duty but wish to continue their association.

The Brotherhood is characterized by its diverse membership, comprising retired military firefighters and those in the reserves of the CBMMG and PMMG.

Members include men and women, enlisted personnel, and officers from various ages and backgrounds.

They meet regularly to engage in activities that preserve the legacy and memories of those who continue to inspire new generations of firefighters through their life stories.

Celebrating a legacy of service and camaraderie

The celebration at the 1st Military Fire Brigade underscored the Brotherhood’s commitment to maintaining the bonds formed during service and to honoring the contributions of its members to the field of firefighting.

The Confraria do Fogo plays a significant role in supporting retired firefighters and military police officers, providing a platform for continued engagement and the sharing of valuable experiences.

FSJA Comment

The 13th anniversary of Confraria do Fogo highlights the enduring spirit of camaraderie and service among firefighters and military police officers.

By bringing together individuals who have dedicated a significant part of their lives to public safety, the Brotherhood fosters a sense of community and mutual support that extends beyond active duty.

It serves as a reminder of the valuable experiences and lessons that retired personnel can share with current and future generations, ensuring that the legacy of dedication and service continues to influence the fire and safety community.

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