Community and firefighters unite in São Lourenço’s annual charity race

November 29, 2023

The 3rd Military Fire Brigade in São Lourenço, part of the 9th BBM, hosted the traditional Firefighters’ Race on November 12.

This event, known as the “Water Stage,” was not just a testament to physical wellness but also a charitable endeavor, successfully gathering over half a ton of food donations for the Lar de Repouso Casa de Maria.

Expanding the circuit

The Firefighters’ Race Circuit was conceived in 2022, aiming to unify running events organized by the Minas Gerais Military Fire Brigade (CBMMG) units in Lavras, Três Corações, and São Lourenço.

With its initial success, the circuit expanded to include Varginha, bringing together all CBMMG units under the 9th Military Fire Brigade.

A decade of benevolence

Since its inception in 2012, the São Lourenço Firefighters’ Race has maintained its charitable focus.

The first edition aimed to raise funds for soldier Bueno’s cancer treatment.

Following the positive response in 2014, 2015, and 2016, the event has consistently achieved remarkable success, collecting significant donations for local philanthropic institutions.

Post-pandemic, the race returned as part of a circuit, marking a robust comeback with impactful results in the municipality and the region.

Promoting health and regional integration

The CBMMG’s Firefighters’ Race Circuit is poised to become a significant regional sporting event.

It promotes physical health, social well-being, and regional integration among sports enthusiasts.

Additionally, it contributes to tourism and local commerce.

Four elements, one circuit

The circuit features four stages: Lavras, Três Corações, Varginha, and São Lourenço, each representing the elements of fire, earth, air, and water.

This thematic choice symbolizes the CBMMG’s interaction with natural elements in their life-saving operations.

Community involvement and benefits

The event witnessed the participation of 350 athletes and attracted around 480 spectators, including families and tourists.

Starting and finishing at the Fazenda Ramon hotel, the race coursed through public roads near the city’s airport entrance.

The circuit aims to offer a vibrant event with top-notch safety and infrastructure.

The Fundação Salvar of the CBMMG ensures that proceeds from the event are reinvested into the 9th Military Fire Brigade’s units.

Acknowledgments and gratitude

Lucia Mury, a manager of the Casa de Maria, expressed gratitude for the food donations, emphasizing the importance of solidarity for those in need.

The São Lourenço Fire Brigade extended their thanks to all participants and donors for their contributions to this charitable cause.

FSJA Comment

The São Lourenço Firefighters’ Race exemplifies how community events can blend physical fitness, public involvement, and philanthropy.

The success of this event highlights the vital role of first responders not just in emergencies but also in fostering community spirit and social responsibility.

The race’s expansion into a circuit post-pandemic signals a strong community comeback, demonstrating resilience and commitment to public service beyond the call of duty.

The involvement of multiple cities in the circuit showcases the widespread impact and appeal of such events, encouraging more communities to participate in similar initiatives.

This model of engaging the public in health-promoting activities while simultaneously supporting charitable causes serves as an inspiring blueprint for other regions.

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