Colombia prepares for 2024’s first rainy season with comprehensive contingency plans

April 9, 2024

National firefighters activate contingency plans for upcoming rainy season

The National Directorate of Firefighters of Colombia has issued an urgent circular to all departmental delegates, executive coordinators, and volunteer, official, and aeronautical firefighting bodies across the country.

The directive, signed by Captain Lourdes del Socorro Peña del Valle, General Director of Firefighters, announces the activation of contingency plans in anticipation of the first rainy season of 2024.

Increased rainfall expected due to El Niño phenomenon

According to Climatic Prediction Bulletin No.

349 and Special Communication No.

016, issued by the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology, and Environmental Studies (IDEAM), the country is preparing for above-normal rainfall levels across extensive territories.

This is attributed to the ongoing El Niño phenomenon, which, while weakening, continues to influence climatic variations.

Preparations underway to mitigate potential risks

Firefighting units are updating their contingency and response plans, conducting inventory checks, and ensuring readiness for any emergencies.

The National Directorate of Firefighters remains vigilant, offering round-the-clock monitoring and support to all firefighting entities nationwide.

FSJA Comment

The commencement of the rainy season in Colombia necessitates a well-coordinated response from various sectors, highlighting the importance of preparedness in mitigating potential disasters.

The proactive measures taken by the National Directorate of Firefighters, including the activation of contingency plans and the meticulous monitoring of climatic conditions, exemplify a commendable approach to disaster risk management.

This scenario underscores the critical role of early warning systems and the need for collaborative efforts among governmental agencies, emergency services, and the community to ensure the safety and resilience of the population against natural calamities.

As the country braces for the rainy season, the emphasis on readiness and preventive action serves as a vital step in safeguarding lives, property, and infrastructure.

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