Colombia braces for intense rain season: National Firefighters Directorate issues early warning

November 28, 2023

Preparing for the rainy season

In a proactive measure to manage potential risks associated with Colombia’s second rainy season, the National Directorate of Firefighters of Colombia has issued a Preventive Early Warning Bulletin.

Dated November 27, 2023, the bulletin, numbered 030, emphasizes the importance of emergency and contingency plans among various firefighting bodies across the nation.

Coordinated response advised

The bulletin, issued by Captain Arbey Hernán Trujillo Méndez, Director General of Firefighters, urges delegates, coordinators, and commanders of volunteer, official, and aeronautical firefighter bodies to align with entities such as the National System for Disaster Risk Management, Departmental and Municipal Councils for Disaster Risk Management, and operational entities.

This collaboration aims to ensure a prompt and effective response to any emergencies that may arise from natural events during this period.

High-risk alerts and prevention strategies

The bulletin highlights several critical areas of concern, including a high risk of landslides in unstable and hillside areas, significant changes in river levels, the threat of forest fires, and meteorological alerts across the country. Firefighting units are advised to undertake preventive measures and continuous monitoring within their jurisdictions to mitigate these risks effectively.

Detailed meteorological analysis and forecast

The bulletin, based on forecasts and studies by the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEAM), provides a comprehensive meteorological analysis.

It details the current dry conditions in most parts of the country, occasional rains accompanied by electrical activity in specific regions, and precipitation forecasts for various Colombian regions over the next 24 hours.

Alert levels and recommendations

The bulletin categorizes the risks into red, orange, and yellow alerts, each indicating the severity and probability of natural events like landslides, sudden river rises, and vegetation fires in different departments.

It advises inhabitants in coastal areas to stay vigilant about evolving weather conditions and heed local authorities’ guidance.

National Firefighters Directorate’s commitment

In closing, the National Directorate of Firefighters of Colombia reaffirms its commitment to safeguarding the nation against potential emergencies related to these natural phenomena.

They provide contact information for emergency reports and requests for support exceeding local, departmental, and regional response capacities.

FSJA Comment

The issuance of the Preventive Early Warning Bulletin by Colombia’s National Directorate of Firefighters signifies a critical step in disaster risk management.

By proactively identifying potential hazards associated with the upcoming rainy season, the bulletin serves as a vital tool for preparedness and response coordination among firefighting units across the country.

It exemplifies an integrated approach to disaster risk management, combining meteorological analysis with practical action plans.

This strategy not only enhances the readiness of emergency services but also heightens public awareness and encourages community involvement in disaster preparedness.

The collaborative efforts between various firefighting bodies and disaster management entities demonstrate a unified front in safeguarding lives and property against natural calamities, reflecting the Directorate’s dedication to public safety and resilience.

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