Colombia and Honduras exchange disaster risk management experiences

May 8, 2024

Bilateral cooperation fosters disaster resilience between Colombia and Honduras

As reported by UNGRD, an event took place in Bogotá on May 6, 2024, marking a key step in the bilateral cooperation between Colombia and Honduras in the field of Disaster Risk Management (DRM).

The “Mission for the Exchange of Experiences between Honduras and Colombia in Disaster Risk Management” was held at the National Crisis Room of the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD).

High-level participation underscores commitment to DRM

The event featured notable attendees including the Ambassador of Honduras to Colombia, Taryn Arlette Moreno Zelaya; the representative of UNDP Honduras, Rose Diegues; and the Minister of the Secretariat for Risk Management and Contingencies of Honduras, Darío Josué García Villalta.

This gathering was a productive session where officials and experts from both nations shared knowledge, best practices, and institutional advancements in disaster risk management.

Focused sessions highlight international collaboration and learning

The mission, organized by the UNGRD with support from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), aimed primarily at strengthening the capabilities for coordinated response to disasters, particularly in the Sula Valley, Honduras.

The initiative also sought to support social protection programs and projects in Honduras, in collaboration with the UNGRD.

Detailed presentations covered various key areas of disaster risk management from territorial and sectoral articulation of the National Disaster Risk Management System (SNGRD) to the UNGRD’s Financial Protection Strategy.

Participants had the opportunity to learn and share experiences, emphasizing the importance of international collaboration and the integration of relevant entities from both countries in disaster risk management.

The event included a packed agenda, which concluded with a guided tour of the UNGRD facilities and a visit to the MAGMA Interactive Museum.

Minister García Villalta emphasizes enriching experiences

Darío Josué García Villalta, Minister of the Secretariat for Risk Management and Contingencies of Honduras said it was highly enriching; noting that they learned about the mechanisms through which the Unit has been able to advance and the adversities they have overcome; and shared significant experiences between the two countries.

The event concluded with a commitment from both nations to strengthen cooperation and community resilience against risks and disasters.

FSJA Comment

The recent DRM exchange mission between Colombia and Honduras highlights an evolving approach to disaster preparedness and response through international cooperation.

This event serves as a platform for both countries to share effective strategies and to strengthen their institutional frameworks for managing disaster risks.

By focusing on areas such as social protection and financial strategies, the initiative supports broader goals of sustainable development and community resilience.

Continued collaboration will be crucial in harnessing the full potential of shared knowledge and coordinated efforts in the face of increasing disaster challenges globally.

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