Civic military schools in Minas Gerais host accident prevention and self-protection week

July 5, 2024

Educational initiative for accident prevention

As reported by the Military Fire Department of Minas Gerais, the 1st Accident Prevention and Self-Protection Week was held from June 24th to 28th at the Civic Military School Dos Palmares in the Vila Ideal neighborhood in Ibirité, MG.

This event was a collaboration between the Military Fire Department of Minas Gerais (CBMMG) and the Directorate of Civic Military Schools (ECIM).

The initiative aimed to educate and train students on various risks, including domestic accidents, traffic incidents, fires, drownings, and floods.

The goal was to foster a culture of prevention and self-protection among students from Elementary School I and II and High School.

By increasing awareness and risk perception, the program sought to enhance safety in everyday life.

Exhibitions and student participation

Throughout the week, students engaged in exhibitions and hands-on activities.

The 2nd Military Firefighter Battalion set up an exhibition of CBMMG materials and vehicles, drawing considerable interest from students who captured the moments through photos and videos.

Additionally, in celebration of National Firefighters’ Day on July 2nd, students showcased their artistic and cultural projects.

These included drawings, collages, essays, and murals, all created under the guidance of their teachers.

The works highlighted the heroism of military firefighters and the importance of safe practices at home, displayed prominently in the school’s main courtyard.

Parody contest on domestic accidents

The event featured a Parody Contest on Domestic Accidents, which concluded during the prevention week.

Students from Elementary II and High School participated, using music and art to learn about accident prevention.

Class 803 from the afternoon shift emerged as the winner, demonstrating creativity and understanding of safety measures through their performance.

Expert lectures and visits

Interactive lectures by health and safety experts were a key component of the week.

Topics covered included identifying signs of drug use, preventing domestic accidents, and supporting young people with suicidal tendencies.

These sessions provided valuable information and strategies for maintaining a safe home environment.

Students also visited the 2nd Military Firefighter Battalion, gaining insights into the firefighters’ daily routines and expressing gratitude through letters.

Another highlight was the visit from students of the Professora Lígia Maria de Magalhães Civic-Military School in Contagem.

They participated in the “A Day as a Firefighter” Project, involving workshops on first aid, water safety, civil protection, and fire rescue techniques.

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