City of Orange fire department expands with 14 new firefighters and promotion of Captain Jesse Francione

January 8, 2024
firefighter recruits

The City of Orange fire department recently celebrated the addition of 14 new firefighters and the promotion of Jesse Francione to the rank of Captain.

This event, held at Saint Matthew AME Church, marks a noteworthy expansion in the city’s public safety personnel.

Mayor emphasizes the role of public safety in city’s growth

Mayor Dwayne Warren highlighted the importance of enhancing public safety measures in line with the city’s ongoing economic development.

He remarked: “Today marks a pivotal moment for the City of Orange as we welcome 14 new firefighters and promote another to our rapidly expanding community.

“As our city grows, so does the need for robust public safety services.

“These dedicated individuals will play a vital role in ensuring that our residents can thrive in a secure environment.

“Their commitment to safeguarding our community aligns with our vision for a city that prioritizes the well-being of its citizens as we continue to grow and prosper.”

Acknowledgment of Captain Francione’s promotion

The Mayor also acknowledged the promotion of Captain Francione, a second-generation firefighter, commending his leadership and contribution to the community’s safety.

“We are also thrilled to announce the well-deserved promotion of Captain Francione.

“His leadership has been instrumental in ensuring the safety of our residents, and we trust that he will continue to excel in his elevated role within the fire department,” said Mayor Warren.

Fire Chief’s pride in the new recruits and promoted captain

Fire Chief Derrick Brown expressed his pride in the new recruits and the promoted captain, underscoring the department’s commitment to excellence.

Chief Brown stated: “Our fire department is not just a team; it’s a family dedicated to safeguarding the lives and property of the city’s residents.

Today’s swearing-in ceremony reinforces our commitment to excellence, and we are thrilled to welcome these 14 new members to our family.

Additionally, Captain Francione’s promotion is a testament to his exceptional leadership and dedication to our mission.”

FSJA Comment

The recent developments in the City of Orange Fire Department signify a substantial enhancement in the city’s emergency response capabilities.

The induction of 14 new firefighters, coupled with the promotion of Captain Jesse Francione, reflects a strategic investment in public safety, aligning with the city’s growth trajectory.

These additions represent an effort to strengthen community resilience and preparedness in the face of emergencies.

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