Cheyenne celebrates the opening of new fire stations and engines

March 26, 2024

Laramie County unveils new fire stations in Cheyenne

Dozens of Laramie County staff and residents gathered to celebrate the inauguration of three new fire stations in Cheyenne, marking the city’s first such development in over 30 years.

The celebration took place at Cheyenne Fire Rescue (CFR) Station 5, located at 4200 Converse Ave, with the attendance of city council members, Cheyenne Fire Rescue staff, county commissioners, and the station construction and design team.

This event, held nearly a year and a half after the groundbreaking ceremony in early October 2022, signifies a significant milestone in the community’s efforts to enhance emergency response capabilities.

Enhanced emergency response and safety

City officials have emphasized that the new facilities will enable emergency responders to achieve better response times and work under safer conditions.

Additionally, the stations are designed to provide a comfortable environment for first responders and medical staff, functioning as a “second home.” Battalion Chief John Fitzgerald of Cheyenne City highlighted the integration of the stations’ architectural design with the surrounding community, reflecting a deep connection between the fire service and the people it serves.

Historical traditions and community support

During the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Fitzgerald recounted the historical tradition of blessing new horses at fire stations to ensure their longevity, strength, speed, and the protection of the station.

This tradition was echoed in the day’s events, with the new fire stations and apparatus being officially put into service.

The ceremony also featured the raising of the American flag, a “wetdown” of a new fire engine for good luck, and the symbolic pushing of the engine into Station 5’s garage.

Mayor Patrick Collins expressed gratitude towards Laramie County voters for their support of an optional sales tax, which funded the construction of the new stations and the replacement of outdated fire engines.

Over 73% of voters approved the tax, demonstrating the community’s commitment to improving its fire and rescue services.

The funding allowed for the allocation of $15,762,000 for the construction of the new stations and an additional $4,262,000 for new fire engines.

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