Ceremony honors firefighters in Ceará on National Firefighter Day

July 4, 2024

Integrated public security center hosts ceremony in Ceará

The Integrated Public Security Center (Cisp) hosted a ceremony honoring security professionals on National Firefighter Day.

The event, held on July 2nd in Ceará, was part of Prevention Week and was organized by the Military Fire Department of the State of Ceará (CBMCE).

Attendees included authorities, representatives, family members, and visitors.

Key figures at the ceremony included the manager of the Secretariat of Public Security and Social Defense (SSPDS), Secretary Roberto Sá; CBMCE General Commander Colonel Cláudio Barreto; Deputy General Commander Colonel Wagner Maia; and Director of Planning and Internal Management Colonel Helder Miranda.

Other notable attendees were PCCE General Delegate Márcio Gutiérrez, Forensic Expertise Manager Júlio Torres, PMCE Deputy General Commander Colonel Vinícius Vineimar, and State Academy of Public Security Special Advisor Ricardo Catanho.

Honoring public safety professionals in Ceará

The ceremony featured tributes to public safety professionals, including firefighters and military police.

These individuals received certificates and other awards in recognition of their service.

Secretary Roberto Sá was honored with a miniature CBMCE vehicle by the Fire Department’s general commander.

During his speech, General Commander Colonel Cláudio Barreto highlighted the dedication of the corporation’s professionals: “We are working directly around the clock to combat crime.

“Receive our tribute, which features a vehicle representing all of our military firefighters, as well as our Fire Department symbol. Thank you for everything and trust in our work,” concluded Colonel Barreto.

National Firefighter Day and Prevention Week in Ceará

National Firefighter Day, established by Decree-Law No. 35,309 on April 2, 1954, is celebrated during Prevention Week.

The week’s events began on June 29 and will conclude on July 7 with the 37th edition of the Corrida do Fogo, a traditional competition organized by the CBMCE.

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