Ceará Fire Department receives 15 new vehicles to enhance fire prevention and inspection

January 16, 2024

The Ceará Military Fire Brigade (CBMCE) has recently acquired 15 new vehicles for the Fire Prevention Engineering Command (CEPI), marking a significant upgrade in their operational capacity.

This addition represents a 50% increase in their vehicle fleet.

The vehicles were officially handed over by Governor Elmano de Freitas during a ceremony at the Palácio da Abolição in Fortaleza.

Present at the event were the Secretary of Public Security and Social Defense, Samuel Elânio, and the General Commander of CBMCE, Colonel Cláudio Barreto, among other dignitaries.

Enhancing fire safety and protection

CEPI is tasked with the study, planning, and inspection of fire safety requirements in buildings and risk areas across Ceará.

The unit conducts operations and inspections to ensure compliance with norms and regulations for the general safety of the population.

Governor Elmano de Freitas emphasized the importance of these new vehicles in boosting the effectiveness of fire prevention and inspection, particularly in the Capital and Metropolitan Region.

Investment in safety and professional valorization

The investment of R$ 1,123,650.00 over 30 months, funded by the State Treasury, underlines the state’s commitment to safety and emergency response.

Colonel Cláudio Barreto highlighted that this investment also represents a significant acknowledgment of the professionals who work tirelessly to protect the people of Ceará.

“It is of great importance concerning the military firefighters who will work better.

This strengthens more and more actions at the front, in the inspections,” he added.

Improving fire prevention in buildings

With a career spanning 26 years in the Corporation, Lieutenant Colonel Joel Nobre, the coordinator of CEPI, detailed the critical role of the unit.

“State Law 13.556, which deals with fire and panic safety in buildings, requires that every building needs certification from the Fire Brigade for its operation in Ceará, mainly to obtain the permit from the municipal city halls.

The increase in the fleet will enhance prevention in buildings in the state,” he explained.

FSJA Comment

The acquisition of 15 new vehicles by the Ceará Military Fire Brigade represents a significant stride in fire safety and prevention.

This move not only enhances the capacity for thorough inspections but also signals a deepened commitment to the safety and well-being of the Ceará population.

The emphasis on regular and effective inspection routines is crucial in mitigating risks associated with fire hazards in both public and private spaces.

Additionally, this development is a testament to the valorization of the professionals within the brigade, providing them with better resources to perform their vital roles in safeguarding lives and properties.

As urbanization and infrastructure development continue, such proactive measures in fire safety will play a pivotal role in ensuring a safer living environment for the residents of Ceará.

Note: This article contains translated content and may include minor inaccuracies due to automated translation software.

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