Ceará Fire Department marks notable Achievements in 2023

November 20, 2023

Engineering command’s impactful prevention measures

In an impressive display of proactive safety measures, the Fire Engineering Prevention Command (CEPI) in Ceará has executed a significant number of preventative actions throughout the state.

Between January and October 2023, the CEPI conducted 29,637 preventive actions, marking a 6.96% increase compared to the 27,708 actions in the same period of 2022.

These actions included the analysis and inspection of projects, contributing to a safer environment for the residents of Ceará.

The CEPI, responsible for fire safety and panic prevention inspections, collaborates closely with various municipal, state, and national agencies to ensure compliance and safety in public spaces and establishments​​.

Escalation in vehicle fire interventions

The Fire Department of Ceará (CBMCE) has also reported a significant rise in its operations, specifically in combating vehicle fires.

A total of 387 vehicle fires were extinguished by the department in the first ten months of 2023.

This figure is an increase of 6.90% from the 362 incidents handled in the same period in 2022, surpassing the numbers from previous years.

The variety of vehicles involved in these incidents ranges from motorcycles and passenger cars to trucks, bi-trems, public transports, boats, and even aircraft, underscoring the diverse challenges faced by the fire department​​.

Ceará Fire Department’s lifesaving efforts in drowning prevention

In the realm of water safety, the CBMCE’s lifesaving efforts are equally noteworthy. The department’s lifeguards successfully saved 438 lives from drowning incidents across Ceará between January and October 2023.

This achievement represents a significant 17.35% decrease from the 530 lives saved in the same period of 2022, suggesting the effectiveness of increased preventive measures along the state’s coastline.

Notably, a large portion of these rescues, about 83%, occurred at Praia do Futuro in Fortaleza, with other areas like Caucaia, Jijoca de Jericoacoara, and Aracati also contributing to the total rescue efforts.

This marks a decrease from the 644 lives saved in 2022, showing an overall trend of improvement in water safety awareness and prevention​​.

FSJA Comment

The strides made by the Fire Department of Ceará in enhancing public safety and emergency response in 2023 are commendable.

The proactive measures undertaken by the Engineering Command in fire prevention, the notable increase in interventions for vehicle fires, and the successful lifesaving efforts in drowning incidents collectively paint a picture of a robust and responsive fire department.

These achievements not only demonstrate the department’s commitment to public safety but also highlight the importance of preventative measures in mitigating disasters.

The significant reduction in drowning incidents, in particular, underscores the effectiveness of public awareness and the strategic deployment of lifeguards.

As we report these successes, it’s crucial to recognize the dedication of the firefighters and lifeguards who work tirelessly to ensure the safety of Ceará’s citizens and visitors.

Their efforts serve as a model of excellence in fire and safety operations.

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