CBMMG holds inaugural Mental Health Meeting to address firefighter well-being

November 1, 2023

The Minas Gerais Military Fire Department (CBMMG) hosted its first-ever Mental Health Meeting on 24 October 2023.

Organized by the Health Assistance Advisory (AAS), the event aimed to foster discussions surrounding mental health concerns within the fire department.

Exchanging experiences and understanding the mental health scenario

The meeting provided a platform for military personnel from various fields to share their experiences.

Conversations revolved around diagnostic findings sourced from computerized health system databases, insights from the Firefighters’ Health Study (ESB), and feedback from the “Diz à” communication channel.

This collective data offers in-depth knowledge about the mental health challenges faced by the troops.

Strategizing for better mental health

The insights garnered will be instrumental in crafting action plans.

The goal is to bolster well-being in the workplace and devise effective preventive measures and treatments for mental health-related issues.

The event was inaugurated by the general commander of the CBMMG, Colonel Erlon Dias do Nascimento Botelho, who noted*: “The 1st CBMMG Mental Health Meeting reinforces the institution’s commitment to caring for its soldiers, being part of an important journey towards better health and quality of life for firefighters.”

For those facing emotional turmoil or know someone who is, it’s essential to: “seek help, including through the life appreciation center (CVV), through number 188.”

FSJA Comment

By creating a dedicated space for discussions and strategizing on mental health, Minas Gerais Military Fire Department has set a commendable example for fire departments worldwide.

The emphasis on data-driven insights and genuine feedback ensures that the action plans derived will be both relevant and impactful.

Ensuring the mental well-being of firefighters is a step in ensuring their overall effectiveness, safety, and longevity in the challenging and demanding field of firefighting.

*Please note that this article may have been translated using automated software; unintended translation errors may be present.

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