CBMMG celebrates federal law approval, setting new standards for fire safety

November 9, 2023
Military Firefighters in Brazil

CBMMG welcomes new era with national organic law

This Tuesday, the Minas Gerais Military Fire Department (CBMMG) heralded a new chapter in its history with the Senate’s approval of Bill 3,045/2022.

The bill replaces outdated legislation, aligning state military corporations with modern constitutional standards.

Key improvements to military fire brigade legislation

With the new law, military police and fire departments nationwide will operate under governors while adhering to foundational principles mirrored in the armed forces.

The legislation also ensures enhanced legal backing for their crucial public safety role.

New protections and responsibilities outlined for fire services

The bill introduces several provisions for active and retired military personnel, including rights to uniform use, weapon carrying, and legal assistance, alongside comprehensive insurance and health support.

The competences of military fire departments are now more robust, expanding their responsibilities in fire safety and rescue operations and granting them regulatory authority over relevant services and training institutions.

Strategic advocacy by CBMMG leads to legislative success

The CBMMG’s strategic efforts, alongside the National Council of Military Fire Brigades of Brazil (Ligabom), were pivotal in promoting and securing the bill’s passage.

Special acknowledgment was given to Senator Rodrigo Pacheco for his instrumental role in the legislative process.

Gratitude extended to political supporters of the bill

Acknowledgment is due to those in parliament, such as Senator Fabiano Contarato and Deputy Pedro Aihara, for their advocacy and support, which was vital in ensuring the bill’s success.

The bill now awaits presidential sanction, with hopes high for its enactment with key provisions intact, bolstering the country’s security infrastructure.

FSJA Comment

The approval of PL 3,045/2022 by the Federal Senate is a momentous event for the Brazilian fire and safety community.

By updating the legal framework for military fire brigades, the bill promises enhanced coordination among public security forces, introducing significant legal safeguards for their operations.

These changes are set to bring about an improved standard of protection for Brazilians, reflecting a broader commitment to public safety across the nation.

The bill’s acknowledgment of fire brigade personnel’s rights and the clarification of their duties is expected to positively impact the effectiveness and morale of these vital workers.

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