CBMERJ cadets complete rigorous Search, Rescue and Survival training

October 6, 2023
Military Firefighters in Brazil

2nd year Officer Training Course students showcase their skills in Ribeirão das Lajes

Ribeirão das Lajes, Piraí: On September 29, the Coronel Sarmento Teaching Complex in Guadalupe welcomed back the 2nd year cadets of the Officer Training Course (CFO) from the Military Fire Brigade of the State of Rio de Janeiro (CBMERJ).

After a challenging 14-day stint at the Ribeirão das Lajes dam, these military cadets marked the end of their Search, Rescue and Survival Stage (EBRS/2023).

The celebratory return saw the families of the soldiers and corporation authorities leading the warm reception.

Technical skills and leadership abilities put to the test during intensive 14-day program

Throughout their training at the dam, cadets encountered various challenges.

These ranged from marching and navigation to constructing temporary shelters and utility swimming.

Other tasks they mastered included heliport operations and both day and night signalling.

Beyond their technical prowess, the training also evaluated their leadership qualities, calm demeanor, self-control, and decision-making in challenging scenarios.

Such in-depth training ensures these cadets are primed to handle emergencies as future CBMERJ officers, underlining their commitment to excellence and dedication.

FSJA Comment

For the Fire and Safety community, the successful completion of the Search, Rescue and Survival Stage by CBMERJ cadets is a testament to the rigorous training programs that exist to shape future leaders. The extensive challenges faced by these cadets over the two-week period not only refine their technical abilities but also their mental fortitude and leadership qualities. Such well-rounded training ensures that as they progress in their careers, they’ll be equipped to handle diverse emergency scenarios effectively. Their dedication to mastering these critical skills is a reminder of the importance of continuous learning and evolution in the fire and safety domain.

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