CBMCE Rescue Diving Company (CMR) celebrates three years

November 27, 2023

The CBMCE Rescue Diving Company (CMR), an integral part of the Fire Department of the State of Ceará (CBMCE), recently marked its third anniversary.

This specialized unit is not just another division of the fire service; it represents a significant evolution in the realm of rescue operations, particularly in challenging underwater environments.

The evolution of underwater rescue

The CBMCE’s journey into the specialized field of underwater rescue dates back to the 1980s. The establishment of the first Autonomous Diving Course (CMAut) was a pioneering step in this direction.

This course, inspired by the curriculum of the Brazilian Navy’s diving course, was adapted to meet the specific needs of rescue operations in the state.

Over the past 38 years, 15 Autonomous Diving Courses have been conducted, with the latest one held in September of this year.

A diverse range of operations

The CMR’s responsibilities extend beyond traditional fire-fighting roles.

They are primarily called upon for incidents involving drowning victims but also engage in underwater installation of structures, maintenance of subaquatic equipment, and refloating sunken barges.

While headquartered in Fortaleza, the CMR’s operational reach spans across the state of Ceará.

Decentralized network of divers

In addition to the central unit in Fortaleza, the CMR has strategically positioned divers in five key locations across the state.

This network ensures prompt response to diving-related incidents in these regions.

The divers, located in cities like Sobral and Juazeiro do Norte, are capable of initiating rescue operations independently for less complex missions, while more challenging tasks mobilize the entire company.

Training and qualification

The rigor of training for CMR divers is notable.

To be part of the 1st CMR/BBS, military firefighters must successfully complete the Autonomous Diving Course conducted by the State Public Security Academy (AESP) in collaboration with CBMCE.

The course spans eight weeks and includes 15 tests along with additional activities necessary for specialization.

This stringent training underscores the complexity and physical demands of diving, which significantly impacts the lives and well-being of firefighters.

The commander’s perspective

Captain Danillo Cidreira, the commander of CMR, emphasizes the uniqueness and dedication of the divers.

He expresses great pride in leading a team of qualified, motivated, and technically skilled individuals. His vision for the CMR is rooted in a commitment to excellence and respect for the diving profession.

FSJA Comment

The CBMCE Rescue Diving Company (CMR) symbolizes a remarkable blend of courage, technical expertise, and resilience.

Celebrating its third anniversary, the CMR not only highlights the evolution of rescue operations in aquatic environments but also stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of the firefighters who dive into the depths to save lives.

In a world where natural and man-made disasters are becoming increasingly complex, the role of specialized units like the CMR becomes even more crucial.

Their existence ensures that the community has a reliable and skilled team ready to face the unpredictable challenges that lie beneath the water’s surface.

About CBMCE Rescue Diving Company

The CBMCE Rescue Diving Company (CMR) is a specialized unit of the Fire Department of the State of Ceará (CBMCE), dedicated to performing rescue operations in underwater environments.

The CMR has evolved to become a key player in the state’s emergency response mechanism, offering services beyond traditional firefighting.

With a focus on continuous training and specialization, the CMR has diversified its operations to include a wide range of underwater tasks.

The unit, led by Captain Danillo Cidreira, exemplifies dedication, skill, and professionalism in the face of challenging and often hazardous rescue missions.

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