CBMCE releases 2023 transparency management report, highlighting commitment to legal compliance and public communication

March 18, 2024
Military firefighters Brazil

Overview of the CBMCE’s 2023 transparency efforts

The Military Fire Department of the State of Ceará (CBMCE) recently released its Transparency Management Report for 2023.

This document provides a detailed overview of the CBMCE’s adherence to both the Complementary Law No. 131/2009, known as the Transparency Law, and the State Law No. 15,175/2012, the Access to Information Law.

The report focuses on the department’s actions and performance, emphasizing its commitment to active and passive transparency.

These efforts are reflected in the treatment and analysis of information requests, as well as the CBMCE’s resolvability, demand trends, and recurrent issues.

The CBMCE has a rich history, having been established on August 8, 1925, and began its operations on January 1, 1934, under the State Public Security Fire Department.

Over the years, it has evolved and gained autonomy, becoming an autonomous institution in 1990.

This evolution reflects the department’s ongoing commitment to public safety and transparency in its operations.

Role and objectives of the CSAI in promoting transparency

The Sectoral Committee on Access to Information (CSAI) of the CBMCE plays a critical role in ensuring compliance with transparency and information access laws.

Captain Francisco Eduardo Fideles Dutra of the CBMCE’s Communications Department stated*: “The CSAI/CBMCE is dedicated to complying with State Decree No. 31,199/2013, along with other pertinent laws.

“We are committed to improving communication with our users, ensuring clarity in our responses, and seeking prompt solutions and explanations.”

This approach is part of the CBMCE’s broader strategy to adhere to various legal provisions.

These include the Law No. 13,460 of 2017, which safeguards the rights of public administration service users, and the General Data Protection Law (Law No. 13,709/2018).

The department’s actions are strategically aligned to fulfill these legal requirements comprehensively.

Future plans and commitment to information accessibility

The CBMCE’s ongoing mission, as outlined in their report, is to continually update their procedures and maximize the availability of information under the principle of active transparency.

The CSAI/CBMCE’s objective is to facilitate public access to information, ensuring that individuals and organizations can submit requests for information.

This reflects a broader commitment to providing high-quality information services to the citizens.

Dutra commented: “We are constantly striving to enhance our processes and ensure the highest levels of transparency and public service quality.”

FSJA Comment

By adhering to relevant laws and continuously improving its communication and information accessibility, the CBMCE demonstrates a commitment to the principles of open governance.

This approach is essential in fostering public trust and engagement, particularly in public safety sectors.

The emphasis on both active and passive transparency is commendable, as it meets legal obligations and enhances public understanding of the CBMCE’s operations.

The report serves as a model for other public institutions aiming to improve transparency and communication with their stakeholders.

NOTE: Quotes have been translated from the original source using automated software, any inaccuracy is unintentional.

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