CBMCE Ombudsman publishes its management report for the year 2023

February 9, 2024
Military Firefighters in Brazil

CBMCE Ombudsman releases 2023 management report

The Sector Ombudsman of the Military Fire Brigade of the State of Ceará (CBMCE) has recently published its Management Report for the year 2023.

This publication comes in accordance with State Decree No. 33,485, of 21 February 2020, and National Law No.13,460/2017.

The report offers a comprehensive analysis of the 2,707 manifestations received over the year, marking an increase of 170.42% compared to the previous year.

Analysis of manifestations shows increased engagement

The detailed report encompasses various aspects of the feedback received, including the means through which these were submitted, types of manifestations, subjects and sub-subjects addressed, and types of services covered.

Also included are insights into budget programs, the internal units most in demand, the geographic distribution of the manifestations, the resolvability rate of the sector, average response times, and the outcomes of satisfaction surveys completed by citizens.

Significant findings and efficiency in response

A standout finding from the report is the overwhelming preference for the Internet as the medium of communication, with 2,296 manifestations received through this channel, reflecting an increase of 289.15%.

Meanwhile, the ‘Telefone da Central 155’ saw a decrease in use, with 162 registrations.

The bulk of these communications were requests, particularly for inspections carried out by CEPI, showcasing a keen public interest in safety standard compliance.

Complaints also saw an uptick, mainly concerning inspection issues.

Captain Francisco Eduardo Fideles Dutra from the Communications Department highlighted the role of the Ombudsman’s Office: “The year 2023 marked a historic milestone for the CBMCE Ombudsman’s Office, which established itself as the main channel of communication with citizens, reflecting a continuous effort in the transparency and efficiency of the service provided.” This sentiment underscores the Office’s commitment to serving the public and addressing their concerns promptly.

Furthermore, the report boasts a 100% resolution rate for the complaints received, with an impressive average response time of just 2.25 days.

This efficiency is particularly notable given the significant increase in the volume of manifestations.

FSJA Comment

The 2023 Management Report by the CBMCE Ombudsman represents a landmark in public service delivery and engagement.

The substantial increase in public manifestations underscores a growing trust and reliance on the Ombudsman’s Office as a pivotal channel for communication and resolution of concerns related to safety and compliance standards.

The Internet’s dominance as the preferred method of engagement reflects wider digital adoption trends, while the 100% resolution rate within legal deadlines exemplifies the efficiency and commitment of the CBMCE to address public concerns.

*Note: this article was translated using automated software, any errors are unintentional.

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