Carnival 2024: Minas Gerais Fire Department details safety and prevention operations

January 23, 2024

The Minas Gerais Military Fire Department (CBMMG) has outlined its comprehensive safety and prevention plan for the 2024 Carnival, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for participants throughout the state.

The announcement comes after the successful conclusion of the 2023 Carnival, highlighting the department’s continuous efforts in public safety and emergency management.

Efforts to enhance public safety during Carnival

With the rising popularity of the Carnival in Minas Gerais, which draws thousands of visitors and boosts the state’s tourism and economy, the CBMMG’s efforts are more crucial than ever.

The department plans to deploy over 6,000 fire service personnel, strategically stationed throughout the state.

The operation includes base points, fire and accident prevention measures, aquatic prevention actions in bathing areas, additional support in ordinary services, and coordination and control activities.

Particularly in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, the CBMMG will employ the Carnival Battalion, tasked with handling the increased demand during the festival, mainly related to carnival blocks and attendees.

An estimated 2,500 military firefighters and over 100 vehicles will be assigned to the metropolitan area, with around 3,500 military firefighters and over 500 vehicles deployed throughout the state.

Prevention before the parades

A key focus of the CBMMG’s operations is on preventive measures as detailed in Technical Instruction No. 39.

These include fire prevention on electric trio trucks, fall prevention with the use of barriers, visible signage indicating maximum capacity, and safety requirements for isolation teams.

Additionally, the use of metalized streamers and flags/masts is prohibited along parade routes, especially in areas such as tunnels, flood-prone areas, hospitals, military zones, and over bridges or viaducts.

Use of technology in monitoring and prevention

For the 2024 Carnival, the CBMMG plans to continue its photomonitoring efforts of the largest Carnival Blocks, using drone teams from the Air Operations Battalion (BOA) to support planning and response to incidents.

This technological approach aids in the three primary areas of CBMMG’s Carnival operations: prevention, response, and control/supervision.

Aquatic prevention and response capabilities

In terms of aquatic safety, the CBMMG is focusing on prevention with strategically placed teams in operational interest areas like bathing spots.

This strategy aims to reduce response times and increase public awareness of risks in aquatic areas, thus preventing severe incidents.

The department also boasts aircraft equipped with advanced life support teams ready for emergency deployment.

Continued training and preparedness

Ongoing training and skill development are integral to the CBMMG’s routine, ensuring that its personnel are always prepared to handle drownings and various other emergencies effectively.

FSJA Comment

The CBMMG’s comprehensive strategy for the 2024 Carnival in Minas Gerais exemplifies the importance of detailed planning and preparedness in managing large-scale public events.

The deployment of over 6,000 military firefighters and sophisticated technology, like drones for photomonitoring, demonstrates the department’s commitment to public safety and emergency responsiveness.

This approach not only ensures the wellbeing of participants but also aids in the smooth conduct of the festival, contributing to the state’s cultural and economic vitality.

The emphasis on preventive measures, especially in aquatic environments, reflects a proactive stance towards public safety, potentially reducing the incidence of emergencies.

The CBMMG’s efforts underline the critical role of fire and emergency services in modern society, particularly during high-profile public events like the Carnival.

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