Cancer risk survey for firefighters and emergency responders

June 25, 2024

The Invisible Risk Survey targets cancer risks among firefighters

SimTrainer UK has announced the launch of “The Invisible Risk Survey,” a study aimed at collecting data on cancer diagnoses and related health issues among firefighters and emergency responders.

The survey, led by John Lord, Managing Director at SimTrainer UK, focuses on identifying the hidden health risks faced by these professionals.

The survey seeks to gather information from various groups, including aviation, industrial, and military firefighters, other emergency service personnel, retired personnel, and support staff.

John Lord emphasized the importance of the survey in capturing data from sources missed by previous studies.

Take the survey here.

Focus on cancer diagnosis and treatment

The survey covers a wide range of topics related to cancer diagnosis and treatment.

It includes questions about the type of cancer, treatment received, and the stage at which the cancer was diagnosed.

Participants are also asked about their family history of cancer and any symptoms they experienced before diagnosis.

Additionally, the survey seeks to understand workplace practices related to handling contaminated clothing and equipment, as well as the level of support provided by employers and healthcare professionals.

This information will help in developing better health and safety standards for firefighters and emergency responders.

Geographical scope and confidentiality

The survey is open to participants from the UK, Crown dependencies, and Ireland.

John Lord assured that the survey is anonymous and does not require personal details such as names or email addresses.

It also includes a section on other serious illnesses, such as heart disease, providing a comprehensive overview of the health risks faced by firefighters and emergency responders.

Participants are encouraged to share their experiences to help build a detailed database that can drive future research and improve support systems.

The survey results are expected to highlight key areas where more work is needed to protect the health of those who serve on the front lines.

Support and next steps

The Invisible Risk Survey is part of SimTrainer UK’s ongoing commitment to advancing the health and safety of firefighters and emergency responders.

The organization aims to use the data collected to inform future studies and develop targeted interventions to address the unique health challenges faced by these professionals.

For more information about the survey and to participate, interested individuals can visit the SimTrainer UK website.

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