Canada increases wildfire training funding for fire fighters

April 22, 2024

Canadian government boosts funding for fire fighter wildfire training program

The Government of Canada has announced an increase in funding to the IAFF Responding to the Interface (RTI) program, aiming to enhance fire fighter training in response to the increasing wildfire threats.

The announcement, made on April 15, 2024, will see the funding for the program double to $800,000.

Successful pilot leads to expanded fire fighter training

The decision follows a successful pilot project that saw 325 fire fighters in Alberta and British Columbia receive training from August 2023 to March 2024.

This training, provided by the IAFF, focused on preparing fire fighters to safely manage fires in wildland-urban interface areas.

Government commits to continued support

Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, speaking at the 31st Canadian Legislative Conference in Ottawa, highlighted the success of the pilot project and the need for expanded training.

“The need for more fire fighters and high-quality training opportunities across Canada is crucial to keeping Canadians safe, and that’s why we’re continuing to partner with the IAFF to deliver what is needed to protect and preserve Canadian livelihoods,” Wilkinson said.

IAFF’s ongoing commitment to fire fighter safety

IAFF General President Edward Kelly, present at the funding announcement, expressed gratitude towards the government for its continued support.

He emphasized the importance of safety for both fire fighters and the communities they serve. “When fire fighters are safe, the communities we took an oath to protect are safe. That’s our top priority.

“The IAFF is committed to continuing its work with the Government of Canada to ensure fire fighters, and those we serve, are better protected in the face of this new reality.”

Details of the training program

The RTI program trained fire fighters through standard courses and included a train-the-trainer course to ensure ongoing skill development.

The training was conducted in Kamloops and Chilliwack, British Columbia, and Grande Prairie, Alberta.

With the increased funding, the IAFF also aims to expand the program across Canada, including the introduction of French-language courses.

FSJA comment

The decision by the Canadian Government to double the funding for the IAFF’s RTI program is a proactive step towards enhancing the capabilities of fire fighters in the face of increasing wildfire incidents.

The continued collaboration between governmental bodies and training organizations is essential for adapting to new challenges in emergency response.

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