Brush fire near highway 99 in Seattle extinguished without injuries

July 10, 2024
Seattle Fire Department Engine

Brush fire spreads to RVs and trucks

A brush fire was reported at 1st Ave. S. and E. Marginal Way S., next to Highway 99 in Seattle, as reported by the Seattle Fire Department.

Multiple 911 calls were made to the Fire Alarm Center regarding the fire.

Upon arrival, firefighters observed that the fire had spread to a nearby RV and several semitrucks with attached trailers.

Additionally, the fire was affecting high energy wires, causing at least three utility poles to fall, resulting in live wires on the ground, which posed significant safety concerns.

Seattle City Light responds to power issues

Seattle City Light responded promptly to the incident by shutting down power in an approximately half-mile radius of the fire.

This measure was necessary to ensure the safety of the firefighters and other responders on the scene.

Firefighters employed a defensive attack strategy to control the fire, which produced heavy smoke that impacted visibility for drivers along Highway 99.

The fire was reported under control within an hour.

Firefighting efforts and ongoing operations

Six fire engines and two ladder trucks, with a total of 27 personnel, were dispatched to manage the situation.

The crews are expected to stay on the scene for several more hours to ensure the fire is completely extinguished and to establish safe conditions for Seattle City Light to restore power and repair the damaged utility poles.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

No injuries were reported during the incident.

Preventive measures for brush and dry weather-related fires

Seattle Fire Department advises the public to avoid lighting fireworks, as they are illegal and can cause serious injuries and fires.

It is also important to dispose of smoking materials properly and ensure they are doused in water.

Vehicle maintenance is crucial to prevent fires: ensure chains and metal parts are not dragging from the vehicle, check tire pressure to avoid driving on exposed wheel rims, and avoid driving through or parking on dry grass, as hot exhaust pipes can ignite fires.

In case of a fire, it is essential to call 911 immediately after reaching a safe location.

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