Bridgeport selects Cadenza Innovation for lithium-ion BESS pilot project

November 1, 2023

Bridgeport, Connecticut, takes a significant step in renewable energy by piloting Cadenza Innovation’s battery energy storage system in its Fire Department headquarters

Bridgeport, Connecticut, has announced its partnership with Cadenza Innovation by choosing its modular, high-safety, lithium-ion battery energy storage system (BESS) technology for a pilot project.

This pioneering initiative will be implemented inside the city’s Fire Department headquarters.

A notable first for lithium-ion BESS deployments

Believed to mark one of the inaugural BESS deployments inside a fire station, this project will also serve as the first public exhibition of Cadenza Innovation’s battery tech in Connecticut.

By utilizing the indoor BESS, Bridgeport aims to exhibit its proficiency in diminishing energy expenses and effectively managing the energy needs of its marginalized neighborhoods.

Furthermore, Connecticut Innovations is financing the pilot, aligning with Connecticut’s vision of attaining 100% carbon-neutral electricity by 2040, as highlighted in Governor Ned Lamont’s environmental legislative package.

Innovative features with community focus

Purpose-built for crucial urban deployments, the cloud-connected BESS from Cadenza Innovation is projected to aid Bridgeport, the most densely populated municipality in Connecticut, in achieving energy conservation and lessening its carbon emissions.

This joint venture between Cadenza Innovation and the city will focus on assessing energy consumption inside the Fire Department headquarters.

The collaboration aims to monitor the BESS and yield a report detailing peak-reducing efficiencies and other functionalities.

Mayor of Bridgeport, Joseph P. Ganim, said: “This is more than just resilience, it’s continuing Bridgeport’s leading position when it comes to sustainable energy generation and now storage.

“We look forward to attracting other green technology to our City, by way of implementation and manufacturing.”

Upon the pilot’s success, Cadenza Innovation hopes to explore a broader collaboration with Bridgeport, encompassing several BESS installations across city-managed buildings, primarily targeting the economically disadvantaged.

FSJA Comment

The pilot project in Bridgeport signifies a paradigm shift in how cities approach energy storage and consumption.

By situating a battery energy storage system inside a fire station, a facility crucial for community safety, Bridgeport showcases its commitment to innovative, sustainable solutions that benefit both the environment and its residents.

Additionally, the partnership with Cadenza Innovation, a company renowned for its advanced battery technology, underlines the city’s forward-thinking approach.

Such ventures not only pave the way for more sustainable urban environments but also spotlight the importance of clean energy in community development and resilience.

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