Blackline Safety secures additional $1.7 million from U.S. energy company for safety technology upgrades

May 7, 2024

Expanded contract with Houston-based energy company

As reported by Blackline Safety, the company has increased the scope of its contract with a U.S. energy company by an additional $1.7 million.

This development follows the original $2.7 million contract announced in February 2024, which included over 800 G7c cloud-connected wearable safety devices, 40 EXO cloud-connected area monitors, and 75 G7 Docks.

During the initial phase of implementation, the energy company requested a demonstration of Blackline’s real-time alert response capabilities.

The impressive response time during the SOS latch demonstration led the customer to enhance their safety protocols using Blackline’s technology.

Enhanced safety features

Glen Silver, Blackline Safety’s Vice President of Sales for North America, detailed the customer’s decision to upgrade: “After just a short time with our devices, the customer upgraded our services for the full connected safety experience.

“Our hardware is unique on the gas detection and lone worker safety tech market—only Blackline devices have the option for two-way voice and real-time monitoring capabilities.”

The expanded contract highlights the advanced capabilities of Blackline’s award-winning G7 personal gas detectors and EXO area gas monitors.

These devices are designed for extreme conditions and offer layers of protection, including location-enabled technology, which is crucial during emergencies.

Real-time response and two-way communication emphasize human connection in emergencies

Silver further emphasized the human element of Blackline’s safety solutions: “Nothing can replace a real voice responding when there’s an incident.

“When seconds and minutes can make the difference between life and death, real-time response and two-way voice let your workers know that someone is looking out for them and will stay with them until help arrives.

“With Blackline at their side, workers are never alone and unprotected.”

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