Blackline Safety secures $3.5 million contract with major North American energy firm

October 5, 2023

Blackline Safety’s technology becomes crucial for worker safety

Blackline Safety Corp., a worldwide pioneer in safety technology, has landed a $3.5 million contract with a prominent North American energy corporation, heavily involved in the natural gas, oil, and power sectors.

Providing over 850 workers with advanced safety devices

The energy enterprise has chosen Blackline Safety to equip their personnel with over 850 G7x cloud-connected wearable safety tools.

The workers, often stationed in hazardous, remote, or confined locales, will be better protected with this technology.

Additionally, the company has procured more than 850 G7 Bridges, which function as portable base stations, ensuring consistent communication in regions with weak connectivity.

In a bid to streamline compliance procedures, over 230 G7 Docks were also purchased, offering an uncomplicated approach to calibration, bump testing, and charging of the G7 devices.

Sean Stinson, Blackline Safety’s President and Chief Growth Officer, commented on the collaboration: “The energy company initially tested Blackline’s safety technology at one location.

“The impressive real-time connectivity and insights available through Blackline Analytics: became the connected solution they sought.”

Furthermore, Stinson noted: “The capability of our technology to promptly notify them when and where assistance is needed—even in confined or distant places without mobile reception—was the clincher.

“The enterprise is now adopting Blackline devices uniformly to safeguard their North American personnel.”

A month filled with major contracts for Blackline Safety

This marks the third significant contract Blackline Safety has publicized in the current month.

Previous agreements, involving sectors like fire hazmat and Middle East energy, have similarly highlighted the importance of Blackline’s real-time connectivity in finalizing the deals.

Stinson expressed his enthusiasm: “We’re delighted to see an increasing number of firms recognize the importance of connected gas detection and lone worker systems.

“Such entities are prioritizing their employees’ safety, ensuring they complete tasks confidently and return home securely.

“Blackline’s comprehensive solutions allow these companies to guarantee this security and simultaneously enhance operational efficiency.”

FSJA Comment

In an age where worker safety, especially in hazardous environments, is paramount, the adoption of cutting-edge technology becomes essential.

Blackline Safety’s achievement in securing this contract signifies the growing importance of real-time connectivity in enhancing safety measures for workers.

Such advancements not only promote worker safety but also reflect the commitment of organizations to ensure the well-being of their personnel.

The trend towards embracing such technologies indicates a brighter and safer future for workers in industries fraught with hazards.

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