Blackline Safety renews $3.9 million contract with Midwest utility company

June 27, 2024

Midwest utility company renews contract with Blackline Safety

Blackline Safety Corp., a global provider of connected safety technology, has secured a $3.9 million contract renewal with a major utility company in the United States.

The Midwest-based utility, which services more than four million customers, initially became a Blackline client in late 2021 and has decided to extend its partnership for an additional two years.

The contract extension will continue to provide Blackline’s Safety Operations Center (SOC) monitoring and push-to-talk services for the utility’s 2,200 G7 devices.

This renewal comes two and a half years after the initial deployment of the devices.

Enhancements in worker safety and communication

Donnovan Simon, Vice President of Client Success at Blackline Safety, expressed satisfaction with the continued collaboration: “We’re very pleased the company is seeing the benefits of Blackline’s technology.

“Over the last two years, Blackline’s SOC monitoring and push-to-talk have facilitated communication and driven operational efficiencies, all while keeping their workers connected and protected.”

The G7 devices are equipped with features such as gas detection, SOS latch, fall and no-motion detection, push-to-talk, and real-time connectivity.

These functionalities are essential for addressing the hazards faced by utility workers, including gas exposures, confined spaces, potential falls, adverse weather conditions, customer confrontations, and working alone in areas with limited cellular coverage.

Blackline Safety’s expanding presence in the utility sector

This renewal follows Blackline’s recent announcement of a $1.5 million agreement with a utility provider in California.

The company continues to expand its presence in the utility sector, reflecting growing trust and reliance on its safety solutions.

Beyond the United States, Blackline Safety also services half of the water and wastewater companies in the United Kingdom and has recently expanded its client base in the water and wastewater sector to Australia.

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