Blackline Safety announces $8.5 million contract with North American midstream company

June 7, 2024

Blackline Safety expands contract to $8.5 million

Blackline Safety Corp. has announced its largest contract to date, valued at $8.5 million.

This contract aims to protect 1,025 workers at a major North American midstream company.

The new contract builds on the company’s initial $3.5 million deal with Blackline announced in September 2023, which covered over 850 workers.

Combined, Blackline’s devices now safeguard nearly 2,000 field and site workers for this midstream company.

Deployment of G7 devices and monitoring services

The midstream company has purchased 1,025 G7 wearable gas-detection and lone worker devices along with monitoring services.

Additionally, 753 G7 Bridges were acquired to maintain connectivity in remote areas through satellite.

Prior to the first agreement, the midstream company conducted an extensive review of all available gas detection and lone worker devices.

Blackline’s G7 devices stood out due to their capability to immediately identify when and where assistance is needed, even in confined spaces and areas without cellular signal.

Blackline Safety’s unique market position

Sean Stinson, Blackline Safety President and Chief Growth Officer, commented: “We’re thrilled Blackline has become the preferred safety tech provider for this major midstream customer.

“Our devices are unique in the market — no other gas detection company provides real-time connectivity even in remote areas.

“Workers are never alone when they have Blackline at their side.”

The G7 wearable, featuring SOS latch, fall and no motion detection, and real-time connectivity, serves as a critical lifeline during emergencies.

When combined with the G7 Bridge, which offers satellite connectivity in remote areas or regions with poor cellular reception, even the most isolated workers remain connected.

Historical context and market acceptance

This announcement marks the largest contract in Blackline’s history, surpassing the $7.8 million deal with the utility industry in late 2021.

These significant enterprise agreements highlight Blackline’s growing market acceptance across various sectors, as customers worldwide recognize the value of their life-saving technology.

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