Beach safety tips for Carnival season: How to stay safe from lightning

February 12, 2024

Understanding the risks of electrical storms at the beach

With Carnival season just around the corner, the Communications Department of the Military Fire Department of the State of Ceará, under the guidance of Captain Francisco Eduardo Fideles Dutra, has issued a public safety announcement concerning the hazards of electrical storms, especially for those planning to visit the beach.

The announcement comes as a precautionary measure to enhance the safety of beachgoers against the dangers posed by lightning and storms.

Captain Dutra emphasized the importance of being vigilant: “With Carnival approaching, many people eager to enjoy the beach need to be alert to the dangers of electrical storms. It is crucial to take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all swimmers.”

He stressed the significance of seeking immediate shelter at the first signs of a storm, recommending covered buildings or concrete areas as the safest options.

Trees and coconut trees, being natural conductors of electricity, should be avoided.

Beach safety: Steps to take when a storm approaches

The guidance further advises those in the water to exit immediately upon noticing signs of an approaching storm, highlighting that salt water can increase the risk of electrical discharges.

Beachgoers are also warned to keep away from tall metal objects, such as umbrellas and fences, which can attract lightning.

“It is essential to wait out the storm in a safe place. Neglecting precautionary measures can have serious consequences,” Captain Dutra added, underscoring the importance of safety and preparedness in preventing accidents.

How are rays formed and prevention tips

The announcement also provides insight into the formation of rays, explaining that they occur due to the accumulation of electrical charges in clouds, a result of the movement of water particles.

Understanding this natural phenomenon is key to recognizing the potential danger and taking appropriate action in time.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable day at the beach, the Military Fire Department recommends checking the weather forecast and monitoring the sky throughout the day.

“Prevention is the best way to enjoy summer responsibly,” stated Captain Dutra, advocating for individual safety measures to protect oneself and one’s family from lightning at the beach and ensuring an unforgettable summer experience.

FSJA Comment

The timely guidance from the Military Fire Department of the State of Ceará highlights the inherent risks associated with electrical storms, particularly for beachgoers during the festive Carnival season.

By outlining clear and simple precautionary measures, the department aims to raise awareness and encourage responsible behavior among the public.

This initiative is a commendable step towards enhancing public safety and underscores the importance of preparedness in mitigating the risks posed by natural phenomena.

As communities gear up for the celebrations, such advisories play a crucial role in ensuring that the joy of the season is not marred by preventable accidents, allowing for a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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