BAUER provides insights on clean energy solutions and industrial compressors

October 15, 2023

In a recent blog post by BAUER Compressors Inc., the company delved into their expertise and contributions toward cleaner energy solutions.

Decades of excellence with BAUER: From Norfolk to the world

For over seven decades, BAUER has been a renowned global leader in designing and producing high-pressure compressor systems.

The company marked its footprint in the US market in 1976 by opening BAUER Compressors Inc. in Norfolk, VA.

Today, this facility, still based in Norfolk, has undergone substantial growth, with a recent expansion announced in May 2023.

Comprehensive solutions for various applications

Initially known as a breathing air compressor manufacturer, BAUER’s reach has grown to encompass a variety of industrial gas applications.

They have developed state-of-the-art solutions for helium compression and recovery, nitrogen generation, biogas upgrading, hydrogen compression, and more.

Moreover, BAUER has been investing in compressor systems tailored for renewable energy sectors, playing a role in combating climate change.

RNG/biogas & CNG Compressors: Turning waste into renewable energy

The surging biogas industry is transforming waste into a sustainable energy source. BAUER’s compressor solutions for biogas are notable for their design and efficiency, incorporating features to manage raw biogas efficiently.

Their compressors compress the gas to high pressures to filter CO2 and other contaminants, resulting in Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

This RNG, after purification, gets injected into natural gas pipelines.

Natural gas, being the cleanest burning fossil fuel, offers various advantages.

Not only does it burn more completely, but its use also decreases reliance on overseas oil, ensuring a consistent supply and reducing costs.

BAUER aids this process with its range of customizable CNG Compressors suited for different fleet sizes.

Helium Systems: Conserving a precious resource

Despite helium’s universal abundance, it’s a scarce resource on Earth.

BAUER’s diverse helium compressor range caters to numerous applications, from medical facilities to helium mining.

Their water and air-cooled compressors are designed for different environments, meeting a myriad of application needs.

Nitrogen Systems: Catering to growing domestic demands

The pandemic underscored the significance of domestic production.

With an uptick in manufacturing returning to the US, the demand for nitrogen gas, utilized in numerous sectors, is again on the rise.

BAUER’s nitrogen generation systems rival the purity of cryogenic nitrogen, with various configurations to match diverse requirements.

Hydrogen Systems: The future of green energy

Hydrogen fuel cells, a promising green energy source, particularly for the transport sector, only emit water.

Compared to electric vehicles, hydrogen-powered vehicles offer faster refueling and scalability advantages.

Understanding these needs, BAUER has introduced its H-Series hydrogen compressors and boosters, designed to manage hydrogen’s unique properties and offer scalable solutions.

BAUER: Leading the way in industrial compression

As markets evolve, BAUER remains at the forefront, developing innovative compression solutions.

With services like BAUER CONNECT, users can remotely monitor and control their systems.

Furthermore, the company offers training classes at its Norfolk facility.

BAUER’s commitment to performance, reliability, and unparalleled customer support ensures clients benefit from top-tier quality and optimal cost of ownership throughout the product’s lifecycle.

FSJA Comment

The advancements and commitment displayed by BAUER in the realm of cleaner energy solutions underline the ongoing evolution in the compressor industry.

With climate change pressing industries worldwide to seek greener alternatives, companies like BAUER are paving the way by offering advanced, efficient, and reliable solutions.

Their contributions not only address current industrial demands but also play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future.

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