Asheville’s new Broadway Public Safety Station: A hub for emergency services

November 13, 2023

Key features of the new Broadway Public Safety Station

Asheville’s new Broadway Public Safety Station (BPSS) has recently received occupancy approval and is now operational.

Located at 316 Broadway Street, this state-of-the-art facility is designed to streamline the operations of both the Asheville Fire Department (AFD) and the Asheville Police Department (APD).

The station will house Fire Station 13, the relocated Emergency Operations Center, and a small community conference room, making it a central hub for emergency services in the area.

A modern facility for emergency response

The BPSS is more than just a workplace for firefighters and police officers; it is a home away from home for the AFD firefighters who serve in round-the-clock shifts.

The design of the station prioritizes the health and wellness of these front-line workers, ensuring they have a comfortable and functional space to operate from.

As a result, the BPSS is equipped to improve response times, especially to the areas north of downtown Asheville.

Community engagement and excitement

The opening of the BPSS has generated significant excitement within the Asheville community.

Recognizing this, the City of Asheville plans to host an opening event for the public.

Details about this event will be announced later, offering residents an opportunity to engage with and learn more about their new public safety facility.

FSJA Comment

The inauguration of the Broadway Public Safety Station in Asheville represents a significant milestone in the city’s commitment to enhancing public safety and emergency response capabilities.

This modern facility brings together the Asheville Fire Department and the Asheville Police Department under one roof, fostering greater collaboration and efficiency.

The inclusion of the Emergency Operations Center and a community conference room further underscores the station’s role as a central point for both emergency response and community engagement.

The strategic location of the BPSS, coupled with its advanced design, positions it to effectively serve the northern areas of downtown Asheville, addressing a crucial need for quicker emergency response times in this region.

The emphasis on the well-being of the firefighters, demonstrated through the thoughtful design of the station, highlights an evolving approach to supporting front-line workers’ health and wellness.

As the city plans an opening event for the BPSS, it reflects a broader trend of involving communities in public safety initiatives, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and awareness.

This approach not only strengthens the bond between emergency services and the public but also enhances collective safety and preparedness.

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