Annapolis City Council to fund new fire boat as part of Fiscal Year 2025 budget

April 12, 2024

Overview of Annapolis’ FY25 budget featuring new fire boat funding

During the Annapolis City Council meeting on April 8, 2024, Mayor Gavin Buckley highlighted significant investments in the city’s public safety infrastructure as part of the Fiscal Year 2025 (FY25) budget presentation.

This year’s budget, which does not propose any increase in property tax rates, includes strategic allocations for a new Annapolis fire boat, underscoring the city’s commitment to enhancing its emergency response capabilities.

Details on the new fire boat investment

The introduction of a new fire boat is a key feature of the FY25 fleet funding initiatives.

“We continue to deliver our residents quality services and have sought outside funding through county, state, and federal grants to assist with funding for many of our planned capital projects,” Mayor Buckley said.

The fire boat is part of the broader effort to improve public safety and emergency services across Annapolis, providing a vital resource for maritime and waterfront fire-fighting and rescue operations.

Impact and significance of the new fire boat

The procurement of a new fire boat is part of Annapolis’ ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of its waterfront areas and enhance its ability to respond to emergencies on the water.

This investment not only enhances the operational capacity of the Annapolis Fire Department but also supports the safety and security of both residents and visitors in maritime environments.

FSJA Comment

The allocation for a new fire boat in Annapolis’ FY25 budget represents a critical enhancement in the city’s emergency service resources.

As a coastal city with significant maritime activities, Annapolis faces unique challenges that require specialized emergency response capabilities.

The new fire boat will boost the Annapolis Fire Department’s ability to manage maritime incidents effectively and safely.

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