968 residential fires extinguished in Ceará during 2023

October 4, 2023
firefighter in residential house fire

Understanding the rise in residential fires

In the span from January to September 2023, the CBMCE recorded 968 residential fires in Ceará.

This is a 7% increase from the same period in 2022, which saw 903 incidents.

Furthermore, 1,184 residential fires were addressed by the CBMCE in 2022. This surpasses the numbers from 2021, 2020, and 2019, with 1,020, 1,040, and 935 fires respectively.

Fire causes and prevention insights

The Fire Prevention Engineering Command (Cepi) of the CBMCE defines a standalone building as a “single-family residence”.

Buildings with multiple units are classified differently, either as “multi-family residences” or collective accommodations.

Expert assessments are essential for understanding fire causes. The Brazilian Association for Hazard Awareness 2020 Yearbook revealed that 80% of residential fires stemmed from electrical short circuits.

Common culprits include electronics like fans and air conditioners, followed by items like cell phone chargers, extension cords, cooking gas leaks, and candles.

Routine electrical maintenance is advised, ideally every five years. Multiple devices should not share one outlet, and charging phones on soft surfaces is discouraged.

Lastly, it is essential to turn off the gas valve and all electric devices when leaving home. The gas valve and hose should be replaced every five years.

Recent residential fire

Early this Tuesday, October 3rd, José Walter military firefighters responded to a call around 10:13 am.

The incident took place at Travessa Paulo Mendonça, in the Aracapé neighborhood of Fortaleza, Integrated Security Area 9.

1st Lieutenant Antônio Moacir Parente reported: “People stated the homeowner left for work, leaving three dogs at home. A fan in the suite caught fire, resulting in the unfortunate death of a Yorkshire terrier.”

Apart from the room’s damage, the fire affected a bed, dresser, and the suite’s doors, paint, and plaster.

Neighbors, alerted by the dogs’ barking and smoke, intervened, saving two of the dogs.

The power company later disconnected the home’s electricity. 1st Lieutenant Parente, along with Sub-Lieutenant Aldemir, Sergeant Barroso, and Private Paulo Araújo, attended the scene using the ABTS 07 vehicle.

FSJA Comment

The rising number of residential fires in Ceará serves as a stark reminder of the necessity for preventive measures and education.

With electrical malfunctions leading the cause list, it underlines the need for regular maintenance checks and responsible electrical use.

Recognizing these trends and understanding fire causes are crucial steps towards safer homes and communities.

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