8th International Tall Building Fire Safety Conference set for US debut in April 2024

November 30, 2023

Early bird and firefighter discounts ending soon for premier fire safety event

The 8th International Tall Building/High Rise Fire Safety Conference is scheduled to make its United States debut from April 15-17, 2024, in Indianapolis, Indiana, alongside the FDIC International event.

This conference has announced the availability of early bird discounted tickets for a limited time, encouraging attendees to use the discount code ‘TALLEARLYBIRD’ on the booking platform: 8th International High Rise/Tall Building Fire Safety Conference | Bookitbee

Additionally, serving firefighters can benefit from a substantial discount by using the code ‘TALLFIREFIGHTER’, though these discounted places are nearly sold out and require proof of current service.

Stellar lineup of speakers and international participation

The event, recognized by the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), promises a stellar lineup of speakers, including US Fire Administrator Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell and the newly installed International President of the IFE, Hayley Burgess.

The conference will feature thought leaders from North America, including Jerry Tracy, Jack Murphy, Brent Brooks, Jimmy Davis, Peter McBride, Anthony Castro, and Frank Leeb.

Additionally, international perspectives will be added by speakers from the UK, Australia, Germany, and the UAE.

The UK’s Mark Hardingham (National Fire Chiefs Council) will open the third day of the event, and Prof. Ed Galea will discuss the fire safety of ‘green walls’.

Debates and topics of discussion

Each day of the conference will feature a topical and relevant debate.

Day 1 will focus on ‘Have lessons been Learned from Grenfell Tower and Bronx fire tragedies?’, Day 2 will delve into ‘Are we ready for Green Walls Tall Timber in High Rise?’, and Day 3 will address ‘How are changing occupant behavior and characteristics affecting fire safety in high-rise residential buildings?’.

These debates highlight the conference’s commitment to addressing the most pressing issues in high-rise fire safety.

Partnering with FDIC International for enhanced learning and networking

FDIC International, owned and managed by Clarion Events, is North America’s premier fire and rescue event, attracting over 34,000 industry professionals annually.

This partnership with the Tall Buildings Fire and Safety Network (TBFSN) signifies a collaborative effort to enhance learning and networking opportunities.

Russ Timpson, Director of the International Tall Building/High Rise Conference, expressed excitement about partnering with FDIC in the US, citing the global interest in attending, contributing, and learning from the conference.

Booking and additional information

Prospective attendees are encouraged to visit the conference’s official website for full details of the program and to use the early bird and serving firefighter discount codes while they last.

The event offers a unique platform for firefighters, architects, building managers, engineers, and insurers to come together and discuss strategies for making tall buildings safer.

FSJA Comment

The 8th International Tall Building Fire Safety Conference’s move to the United States represents a significant milestone in global fire safety education and collaboration.

The conference’s alignment with FDIC International underscores the importance of integrated learning and expertise sharing in the field of fire safety, particularly in high-rise environments.

The diverse range of speakers and debates scheduled for the event highlights the evolving challenges and innovative solutions in fire safety management.

This gathering of international experts and thought leaders offers an unparalleled opportunity for attendees to gain insights, share experiences, and develop strategies to enhance safety in tall buildings.

It emphasizes the need for ongoing education and adaptation in fire safety practices, reflecting the dynamic nature of the field and the diverse environments that professionals operate in.

The conference is not just an event but a testament to the global fire safety community’s commitment to protecting lives and properties in high-rise structures.


The Tall Building Fire Safety Network was established in 2009 to facilitate learning on all aspects of high-rise fire safety.

Since then, it has delivered seven International Tall Building Fire Safety Conferences, featuring world experts on fire safety.

The network serves as a hub for professionals and organizations committed to enhancing fire safety in tall buildings, offering a platform for sharing knowledge, research, and best practices.

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