3AM Innovations launches new tool to enhance emergency response efficiency

March 20, 2024

3AM Innovations releases Monitor, a new addition to the FLORIAN platform

3AM Innovations has announced the release of Monitor, an innovative feature for its incident command platform, FLORIAN.

Monitor is designed to bring the capabilities of an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) directly to users, offering a comprehensive and efficient way to manage critical information during emergencies.

With Monitor, incident commanders, on-site security managers, emergency managers, and law enforcement supervisors can access all necessary information points on a single screen to effectively direct teams and deploy resources.

The interface of Monitor is designed to display information through customizable tiles, which can show both pre-set and real-time data.

Users have the ability to integrate any URL into these tiles, allowing for endless possibilities of data sources.

Moreover, the tiles can feature information from a suite of integrated apps, such as 3D mapping, satellite mapping, weather tracking, drone feeds, note-taking, instant messaging, news feeds, and more, thanks to 3AM’s partnerships with leading technology providers including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Whiteboard, and Microsoft Maps.

Tailoring emergency management with Monitor’s flexible interface

Monitor offers users unprecedented flexibility in how they view and manage critical information.

The tool allows for customization of tile configuration, with options ranging from 1 to 16 tiles on the screen.

This feature enables users to tailor Monitor to their specific needs, ensuring that the most relevant information is always at their fingertips.

Tiles can be easily maximized for a clearer view and minimized to return to the default screen layout, facilitating efficient information management in high-pressure situations.

Patrick O’Connor, President and Co-founder of 3AM Innovations, emphasized the transformative impact of Monitor: “We know Monitor is a game-changer—it streamlines and simplifies the delivery of critical information in a field where every second truly counts.

It’s time to free incident commanders from being overburdened with excess technology so they can focus on what’s important.” Mel Passarelli, CEO of 3AM Innovations, further highlighted the tool’s mission to empower first responders by providing them with a single, customizable screen that consolidates all critical information.

Partnering with Microsoft for enhanced emergency response capabilities

The collaboration with Microsoft has been instrumental in enhancing Monitor’s capabilities, integrating powerful cloud-based tools from the tech giant into the FLORIAN platform.

Chad Wallace, Microsoft’s Senior Business Strategy Manager, spoke on the significance of this partnership: “By leveraging the power of the cloud-based tools available in FLORIAN’s Monitor package, public safety operations and emergency management entities can maintain awareness of the multitude of incoming feeds and data streams for any given incident.

This enables decision-makers to quickly analyze and act in a more informed manner, improving their ability to respond to emergencies and protect their communities.”

FSJA Comment

The introduction of Monitor by 3AM Innovations marks a significant advancement in emergency management technology.

As emergency situations continue to evolve, the role of technology in managing these incidents becomes increasingly important.

Monitor represents a step forward in ensuring that first responders have the tools they need to protect communities and save lives.

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