2024 Heart Safe Community Award winners announced by IAFC and PulsePoint Foundation

May 1, 2024
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Overview of the Heart Safe Community awards

The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and PulsePoint Foundation have announced the winners of the 2024 Heart Safe Community awards.

These awards are given annually to fire service-based EMS agencies that excel in improving community outcomes for patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACS) and its life-threatening complication, sudden cardiac arrest.

This year, the awards were presented to the City of Madison Fire Department in Madison, Wisconsin, for the large community category, and the Dothan Fire Department in Dothan, Alabama, for the small to mid-sized community category.

Rigorous selection process highlights exceptional community service

The selection for this year’s awards was highly competitive, with numerous submissions from across the country.

The awarded agencies, the City of Madison and Dothan Fire Departments, have notably enhanced cardiac arrest survival rates and other related medical interventions in their communities, achieving performance metrics that exceed national averages.

Innovative approaches to cardiac emergency preparedness

Both departments have implemented various innovative measures to enhance public safety and health concerning cardiac emergencies.

These measures include offering hands-only CPR classes, teaching proper AED usage, and running public CPR/AED awareness campaigns through social media and other online platforms.

They also conduct corporate training events and survivor-led storytelling to promote community readiness and response to cardiac events.

Fire Chief John Butler, IAFC President and Chairman of the Board, said: “The call volume for all types of emergency incidents has increased across the nation, creating many more response opportunities, with a particular need for medical intervention in many cases.”

He noted the exceptional contributions of the winning departments in several key areas, including bystander CPR, AED deployment, and partnerships with local hospitals.

Kevin Joles, IAFC’s EMS Section Chair, highlighted the impact of the awards: “The IAFC is honored to review Heart Safe Community nominations from all over the country, and it’s our privilege to support the incredible efforts of fire-service-based EMS,” said Joles.

He added: “This award is so much more than a plaque or medal – every Heart Safe Community Award represents lives saved.

“Good outcomes come from informed communities, and agencies like these build those outcomes from the ground up.”

FSJA comment

The recognition of the City of Madison and Dothan Fire Departments by the IAFC and PulsePoint Foundation underscores the essential role that community-focused emergency services play in enhancing cardiac safety.

By integrating technology and community education, these departments have set a high standard for emergency medical services nationwide, contributing to improved survival rates and overall community health.

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